Are you looking to create your own exclusive partner or private corporate event, live or virtual? Do you want to train your partners, launch a new product, organize a team building activity or have a fun dinner party for your team? Let us take your next event to the next level. With our contacts of 65 000 IT companies, over 150 speakers, hundreds of vetted venues and professional event suppliers and virtual event platforms all wrapped with 15 + years of experience, creation and execution of events, you can count on us to make your event experience a success. We will save you time, stress and money on everything including virtual event platform, venue fees, speakers, rentals, entertainment, staff, registrations, materials, signage, branding, food & beverage.

What we do:

  • Live and Virtual Partner Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Live and VirtualProduct Launches
  • Live and Virtual Special End-Customer Events
  • Live and Virtual Road Shows
  • Live and Virtual Round Tables With Select Channel Partners
  • Live and Virtual Trade Shows
  • Live and Virtual Award Ceremonies
  • Corporate Parties and Galas
  • Private “Wow-Experience” VIP Dinner Parties
  • Team Building Adventures  and Tournaments
  • Live and Virtual Press Conferences
  • Live and Virtual Training and Caching

How we do it:

  • Develop Concept, Agenda And Content
  • Virtual Platform or Venue Scouting And Negotiations
  • Promote/Invite Your audience
  • Registrations
  • Branding
  • News Media Coverage
  • Execute All Aspects Of The Event
  • Onsite and Online Management And Staffing