ChannelNext The Leaders in IT-based Conferences Adapt 2020 - Manage. Adapt. Pivot. Accelerate! Fri, 19 Jun 2020 15:16:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why June 25 Matters for MSPs and MSSPs whose focus is Cyber Security Fri, 19 Jun 2020 15:16:53 +0000 Spend just one afternoon virtually with us on June 25 to get deep and wide insights into building a cyber security best business practice. It’s FREE for all channel partners! Get ready to become a bigger, better, stronger and smarter Cyber Security Channel Partner…

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“What you will learn from these experts will help you close more sales, retain more customers while securing your clients better!”

As you may know, June is Cyber Security month here at eChannelNEWS so we have been talking to a whole lot of security experts to get their take on the challenges and solutions. If you have something newsworthy on the topic, reach out to our editors (Check out the Daily Breach News column every day to get your daily dose – always FREE to subscribe).

Here are 10 reasons why this cyber security event on June 25 should matter to you. ALL of the speakers are outstanding experts and leaders in their respective fields and are exactly the people you need to listen to! Check their profiles out on LinkedIn!

Check out the various video clips on many of these topics that I posted on LinkedIn!

  1. Always good to network with your industry peers virtually. If you are struggling, know you are not alone. You may find just the right support, idea or inspiration that you need. You never know what you may discover when you bring a bunch of like-minded people together, especially now!
  2. Paul Furtado from Gartner will kick things off by outlining what customers want and need from their cyber security solution providers. He will also talk about how AI can be a solution as well as a problem in the fight against cyber attacks.
  3. CrucialLogics and Jolera (2 leading cyber security providers) will talk about how they are currently protecting their customers as well as themselves. Get some great business insights on what it takes to be very successful in the Cyber Security game.
  4. A team of ethical hackers led by Richard Rogerson will talk about the importance of hacker-testing the strength of your security system before bad hackers discover the cracks and cause significant damage.
  5. Randal Wark will talk about how MSPs and VARs can build a solid security stack and best practices to protect their customers and themselves. Make more money while building higher business valuation at the same time! It takes skill, but it’s doable for many especially with the help from vendors who are providing automated tools to do the heavy lifting.
  6. Fiona Challis will outline the critical action plan for the next 90 days that all MSPs should consider. As the economy reopens, what will be the state of your customers and how will you repair a dried up sales pipeline that has to be rebuilt with a digital-first strategy. You may also need to re-energize and retrain your team. You will need to improve your digital footprint. How are you going to pick up the pieces and rebuild bigger and stronger business? The next 90 days may be the most important time!
  7. Getting your clients to make a bigger investment in cyber security usually needs the convincing of the CFO. Jeff Dawley will share a proven playbook for getting this done right. This may be one of the biggest challenges that most companies face in delivering the right level of security protection! Knowing how to think, talk and act like a CFO is a vital skill for getting the green light. Now, imagine having a tool that can help you do this perfectly?
  8. Should MSPs/MSSPs build or outsource cyber security to a SOC? Travis Ray knows both sides and he will share the pros and cons. Security is one of those things the you simply cannot fake it till you make it, however, there is a way you can leverage third-party resources to get the work done right, while you decide to build or outsource.
  9. Social and Digital selling is now the big game in town and those with the right skills will outplay, outsmart and outlast those without! This game of digital survival is not so easy to win as the competition numbers in the millions! Shane Gibson will explain why Return On Relationships is the new gold standard in social selling and how to get started today!
  10. Jason Rori is going to show MSPs what they need to do to get their house in order to be able to better protect themselves and their clients from attacks. An important assessment and certification program to help MSPs build out a best practice cyber security business. It’s a high value-add that can be the competitive advantage that you need to win more business.

Plus, several vendors will showcase really cool solutions for cyber security. IT Cloud will be also be talking about how to button up everything Microsoft from a security perspective. Plus a whole lot more like Virtual Lions’ Den and Virtual Table Top Expo, cool prizes and fun games!

Date: June 25, 2020

Time: 12:30 PM EDT to 5:30 PM EDT

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ChannelNEXT Virtual on WHF went a little panda crazy Fri, 29 May 2020 15:40:58 +0000 Each month, TechnoPlanet’s news media and event divisions (eChannelNEWS and ChannelNEXT respectively) focus on a different topic. May focused on “Work From Home”. June will be on Cyber Security and July will be on Managed Services. Jump in whenever you see a fit!

Here is a recap of the WFH virtual event from May 27:

It ran for about 5 hours. The outer limit of what a human can take on a virtual event :o).

The first session set the stage on what a digital-first world looks like and explored how to adapt and thrive. There is a specific list of things that all channel partners must do to thrive in the digital game. Every business needs to look deep inside their current infrastructure and culture to know where they are today and how to get to where they need to be ASAP! This is critical not just for channel partners but also for their customers.

“We are all experiencing a 5-year hyper jump into the future and the winners will be those who can innovate and accelerate their digital game the fastest”

The second session was a power panel discussion by two top MSPs (Debian IT and My Blue Umbrella.) They can be the ultimate blueprint for doing the right things. They explained what they did and how it turned out for them and their clients. They were able to pivot instantly and innovate on the fly to lead their teams and customers through the initial phase of the crisis. Now they are continuing to accelerate through the next phase as businesses reopen. I thank Vince Fung and Michael Contento for sharing their professional insights, skills and leadership. Randal Wark did a great job to moderate this panel as he too was once a MSP. He now helps other MSPs to improve their game through The Channel Partner Alliance (check out the 6 business acceleration courses that they offer MSPs and VARs).

The next session had 3 different virtual break-out rooms running 3 different workshops in parallel. All 9 sessions have been recorded and are available for on-demand viewing. These 9 sessions were selected with clear purpose to help channel partners and vendors to best navigate the crisis now and come out on top tomorrow.

We have recordings of all 9 sessions so if you are interested to watch them contact us.

Tara Landes got everyone to take a special test to measure their leadership game. An eye-opening exercise to help anyone to better understand where they stand and what they need to improve. The data shows that companies with the best leaders tend to be more successful. Today, leadership matters the most! Tara helps MSPs and vendors to lead their companies to sustainable success through outstanding leadership. Why not take her course online? You may be able to get some Government funding to cover costs! This knowledge can impact your business and life forever!

Dano Ybarra from Net2Phone (Versature) talked about how to lead your customers through any crisis. He highlighted how important a modern communication infrastructure is to drive success in the digital game. VoIP and soft phones are foundational to business continuity especially for work from anywhere. It is also important for improving the productivity of some of the biggest digital tools like Microsoft Teams. You need to experience this add-on to really understand how it can take your Teams experience to the next level! Check out a recent ECN interview.

Jay McBain from Forrester shared some of the latest data to support the latest playbook that channel partners and vendors should be adopting as we move into the second phase of the crisis (reopening the economy). He also shared critical communication techniques and highlighted the emerging opportunities that smart channel partners will be targeting. Jay’s insights backed by research data should be baked into all of your decisions. He claims that about 25% of the channel could be in serious financial trouble caused by this crisis. Leveraging current data is vital for making the smartest decisions moving forward. Check out our recent ECN interview for some additional background.

Marc Wilkens from Fujitsu talked about the touch-less digital world of business transactions that is now on a hyper-growth path (because of the pandemic). Face it, people are afraid to touch anything, even paper. Many stores have already stopped taking cash. Tap and go is out of the bottle and that ain’t going back! It is truly amazing what businesses can do with the Fujitsu lineup of document scanners and software. Channel partners must lead the charge in helping their customers move to a touch-less work environment and these sorts of digital documentation tools are part of the solution. That’s what most buyers want in the new normal.

Frank Newman tackled one of the biggest pain points facing channel partners, vendors, distributors and end-user businesses: Managing their employees! Frank’s 40 years of HR experience provided the best advice for all companies looking to protect and manage their staff. With the vast majority of employees already laid off, what will employers do moving forward? Maintaining morale and a positive culture is not easy but if you are going to come out on top, you need to manage your HR extremely well! Channel partners can also leverage this knowledge with Frank’s expertise to help their customers do the same and build loyalty!

Desraie Thomas from Datto focused on returning back to the office as businesses reopen. Things will definitely not be the same in office practices. A whole new set of guidelines have to be in place, maintained and managed. Employees must feel safe when they go back to work! Social distancing, sanitizing, meetings, remote working, commuting and more will all have to be taken into consideration. She shared how Datto and their partners are adapting to the new normal. All channel partners and end-users can learn from these real-time insights.

Randal Wark from The Channel Partner Alliance talked about why MSPs need to flip from the old consultative-type selling approach to a leadership style. End-users are in need of innovative ways to survive, reopen and accelerate. He shared examples of what some of his MSP clients are doing (that’s way out of the box). All businesses will need more and smarter technologies to drive their success, but they also need leadership guidance from their channel partners to help them make the right moves. They need to explore new ways of doing and growing business. They need to embrace big changes and understand how a wider stack of technologies can help them future-proof their businesses.

Shane Gibson showed everyone how to best conduct virtual sales meetings. No one will be meeting in-person in the foreseeable future so sales people must understand how to do virtual sales meetings properly. Failure here will result in lost sales. This is where sales reps with solid social selling skills will over-power their competition. As we witnessed live on the “Lions’ Den” where vendors did a 3-minute virtual pitch to the audience, it is NOT easy. It takes special skills to deliver impact and results in a virtual environment. Learn the rules of the digital game and practice, practice, practice like your job depends on it, because it does! Shane is offering an online course in social selling that sales reps can jump on at anytime. You can add a monthly Mastermind peer-group session to practice and get feedback. Every month you will improve until you master the social selling skill.

Corry Robertson talked about how best to communicate with others to get the desired result. Too often the seller and the buyer miss the mark because of miscommunications. Corry offered some skills and a tool to help anyone reach the sweet spot in more effective communications to get what you want. She also presented an app that you can leverage to help guide you every step of the way. It’s a skill that will also benefit inter-company communications! Schedule a call with Corry to talk about her leadership and executive coaching programs.

Our lineup of vendors brought a variety, but focused mix of solutions for remote working. If you want to contact all of these vendors, just request our digital conference guide.

Datto offers a wide range of tools for MSPs including PSA, RMM, BDR and Networking. Most MSPs can leverage most of these tools every day. Even something as simple as a remotely managed power bar can save the day! Datto also has loads of data on how their MSP partners are succeeding in business every day. Explore some of their support tools and research content.

TeamViewer is a perfect fit for any remote working and trouble shooting by MSPs. Many already use it every day. They talked about news tools coming soon that will help MSPs and VARs. Check out their service desk ticketing. Remote support with AR. Remote device and IoT management. And, collaboration with video, voice, screen-sharing and chat on any device, anywhere.

Veriato won the award for Best Virtual Sales Warrior in the Lions’ Den with their low-tech “paper-point” presentation. In 3 minutes, Pete Nourse was able to make the point very clear and in an entertaining way. That’s how virtual selling is done! This tool monitors the behaviors of employees working remotely. Since WFH is now the new norm, management will need some level of understanding on what exactly their employees are doing when they are not visible! I can see many companies leveraging this tool as part of their WFH policy. While this tool can get very deep in monitoring behavior, it can also save the day by ensuring proper security protocols are being met by remote workers. It can all be customized depending on what each company is comfortable in monitoring.

Versature showcased their VOIP solution for work anywhere. A global solution that can support just about any end-user. Everyone working remotely has to have some type of VoIP or soft phone solution. It also works with Microsoft Teams.

Sherweb is a top distributor for everything Microsoft so they focused on how MSPs should best leverage the power of the MS solutions to solve big problems for their clients. Sherweb also offers a wide range of solutions including security and VOIP.

United Cloud showcased a VOIP solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. It’s very affordable with outstanding support. They can deploy a solution within 48 hours. Their platform also allows for call-recording with AI smarts that analyze voice content to help measure and improve outcomes. Ask about their special promotion!

[We featured several VoIP solutions because it is a very big part of the WFH requirements. It is also important for every channel partner to offer a VoIP solution. If not, their competitors will and once they get their foot into the customers’ doors, they will sell ALL other managed services! With the right vendor, VoIP can also be one of the best recurring revenue opportunities for MSPs!]

Viewsonic has every type of hardware that you need for remote working and collaboration. Their big screens and interactive displays are top notch. Their built-in docking solution into the display is clever. They are now offering their learning software to schools to use on any hardware. You want to have Viewsonic devices on your desktops regardless from where you work. The Viewsonic team also does a fantastic job in digital presentations (they won the first Virtual Sales Warrior award last month).

QNAP is already well known for their powerful and reliable NAS storage systems. We know because we use it. They also offer Cloud back-ups, IoT and surveillance solutions. They have a cool integration for MS office for direct editing. As employees continue to work from anywhere, backing up and accessing data is critical. Since offices are left “abandoned” it may be a good idea to install some solid remote surveillance. MSPs should explore the video surveillance high-growth and high-margin market! QNAP has some amazing products!

ECO Products are all about printing responsibly. Most people need to print which generates tons of e-waste that mostly gets dumped into landfills every day. ECO provides refurbished printers and re-manufactured ink cartridges. This pandemic has uncovered some environmental opportunities (I recently wrote an article on it). Leveraging ECO for all your WFH print needs is one easy way to protect the environment and save money at the same time without giving up on quality. If you must print, use 100% recycled products! Ask about their refurbished printer bundle with recycled toner that they can drop ship right to your customer’s door!

We believe that all of these 10 vendors can be an important and profitable part of your WFH portfolio moving forward. There are many more solutions and we will continue to highlight on eChannelNEWS so subscribe for FREE if you want to be updated!

We like virtual events, but we still love in-person events. Unfortunately, until in-person comes back, we have to move forward with virtual. We were one of the first to pivot our in-person events to virtual back in April. This was our second virtual conference so we are still learning and trying to make virtual as effective and enjoyable as possible. Your suggestions are always welcomed so please fill out the post event survey that will be sent to everyone who attended.

In June, we will be well into our virtual event transition with a lot more features to make everything more WOW. We are excited to keep on evolving as we explore more technologies to deliver the best virtual conferencing experience. Keep watching or follow me as we make virtual the best as it can be. Just like we built our award-winning VIP ChannelNEXT events over 18 years with peer-group Masterminds, we plan to do the same for virtual. We have a feeling that even when in-person comes back, we will still be doing our monthly focused virtual events. Our virtual peer-group Mastermind events are already really good (sign up for one at Channel Partner Alliance).

If you are wondering about the panda, we played a little virtual treasure-hunt game to win some prizes and it got a bit carried away, in a good way! Thank you all for being a good sport! Enjoy the prizes!

Thank you all for participating and if you missed this one, register for the next one in June as Cyber Security affects everyone. Make ChannelNEXT a monthly hangout with us and your peers! We guarantee you will learn something new and interesting every month. It is also FREE so you have nothing to lose :o)

Become a ChannelNEXT VIP and we will automatically register you for every monthly event so you will also get free access to all of the recordings for on-demand viewing. Get a crazy amount of high-value content for FREE plus a few nice VIP surprises. Just contact us and say you want to be ChannelNEXT VIP.

Subscribe to eChannelNEWS and register for upcoming ChannelNEXT virtual events!

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ChannelNEXT Virtual v1.0 First Test Run Success! Wed, 22 Apr 2020 20:23:59 +0000 Moving from a live conference to virtual is no walk in the park. There is much to adapt to optimize the experience. Working within the limitations of the web conferencing platform is also a challenge.

Events that are videotaped or broadcasted through some live stream is NOT a virtual conference. Broadcasting of a live event is just what we see every day on TV. A true virtual event is when all participants are stationed at a remote location and must interact in real-time through some sort of web conferencing system. So much can go wrong to derail the experience including simple things like poor Internet access (access performance that can vary minute to minute).

Using gimmicky virtual event platforms that require certain configurations and proprietary downloads by users can be frustrating and pose a security threat. It may sound like a good idea to replicate a live conference experience in some sort of a 3D virtual game with pop up videos and avatars, but we believe it takes away from the actual important value for the delegates. It is not about navigating some game-like environment. It is about delivering real value in an efficient way that the delegate can use while having a good virtual experience.

We are certainly no stranger to virtual events like webinars as we have been doing them since the beginning. That said, we had to rebuild the ChannelNEXT Virtual event from the ground up. We wanted to adapt as much of our traditional live event experience as possible to the virtual event. We wanted to make this a true remote collaboration experience for all delegates without having them jump through hoops. More importantly, we wanted to deliver content that is of high-value for today’s needs with a variety of discovery opportunities to pleasantly surprise the delegates and facilitate interactions.

ChannelNEXT Virtual v1.0 delivered on most of our expectations, but there is room for improvement. Look out for version 2.0 coming in May!

For every virtual event, we will challenge ourselves and push the technology to “up” the virtual experience. You do have to experience it first-hand to truly appreciate its value but you also you have to readjust what you would normally expect from a live event. Both are live experiences, but they are quite different.

Quite frankly, nothing could ever beat a face-to-face experience, especially the ChannelNEXT experience that we have fine-tuned over 18 years. That said, these times demands everyone to transform into the new digital business normal, until further notice.

By numbers for version 1.0… About 150 registered. We unfortunately had to reject many more since we could not verify their identity. 2/3 showed up and half stayed online for the full conference. We had to limit vendors to 10 as there were simply no time to showcase more. This conference took 3 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the afternoon and it was jam packed with only 30 minutes for lunch and 2 X 15-minute bio breaks. We worked on developing our virtual event for 6 weeks, felt we were ready after 4 weeks and only had about 10 days to promote. We did not want to miss our originally scheduled date of our Live event for April 20 – 21. We did it!

It was ambitious but we did not want to disappoint our channel community as they needed to reconnect more than ever.

In the morning, we kicked things off with our flagship peer-group Mastermind sessions where delegates shared their pain points and brainstormed ideas on how to solve. There is something special about people helping people to overcome challenges through their collective experiences. In the spirit of today’s COVID-19 common fight, we saw more peer-to-peer support than ever! These sessions were all professionally coach-led in a very structured process to help the participants uncover their biggest problems and solve. Just as important is the post-event follow up for accountability to ensure that the prescribed work was done to fix the problem.

Mastermind sessions worked very well in this virtual environment!

Solving any problem could never really be done in just one session. It takes multiple sessions to truly implement sustainable change and make the biggest impact. Mastermind sessions are stand-alone activities where our delegates join peer-groups as often as they need. See The Channel Partner Alliance for more information. Joining a peer-group may be one of the best things you ever do in business and life! Ask about the 5 categories of Mastermind programs that we offer to help ANY MSP or VAR to future-proof their business and optimize success – especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the afternoon we started with a keynote by Shane Gibson on social selling and transforming your sales into the digital World. This is currently one of hottest topics for every B2B business, especially the IT Channel. Transforming sales road warriors into digital road warriors is the new business normal and the data already proved that those with good social selling skills outperform those without. Now is the time to up your social selling game! Check out what we are offering to help sales transition fast and furious into virtual road warriors. It is the ONLY training program that any sales rep need to become a virtual sales warrior!

Datto hosted an interesting panel discussion with three of their partners so they can share their experiences about taking care of themselves while solving their customers’ IT problems to navigate the current COVID-19 crisis. The fact that they also leverage some of Datto’s products to solve problems and make money was the icing on the cake. This is an excellent example of how vendors should support the channel while making the case for their products to attract new prospects.

The 8 workshops delivered huge educational value. It was a 50% mix of business coaching education and 50% vendor solutions. Having delegates sit through too many vendor presentations is a daunting experience for anyone. Our 4 educational workshops included Leadership, Accessibility, Digital Marketing and New Best Practices for MSPs Post-Covid-19. All 100% appropriate for today’s situation. We also showcased vendors with important solutions for today’s business critical needs for remote working including VoIP, Everything Microsoft including Teams and Security and Remote Managed Services. Literally, MSPs can deliver near 100% of #WFH requirements just with these 4 vendors – Sherweb, Datto, UnitedCloud and Versature. Ask us if you would like to get access to recordings of these sessions or connect with these vendors.

Our Virtual Lions’ Den was also a fun way for attendees to learn about several vendors and their offerings in fast but effective 3-minute pitches. Again, we offered a variety of relevant vendors for today’s business needs: Datto  Eaton  ECO Products  Microage  PurpleSoft  QNAP  Sherweb  United Cloud  Versature  Veriato and Viewsonic The winner of the first ChannelNEXT Virtual Sales Warrior was Stan Klebanoff of Viewsonic who did a fantastic and entertaining presentation while showcasing the products live! Bravo! Stan also got the honor of picking 3 winners to receive some cash, just for participating! We also learned of the cool Viewsonic products literally built for remote working and learning!

The Virtual Speed Introductions was a great idea, but the video conferencing platform was not able to manage the rapid transition of delegates and vendors into virtual rooms, in real-time. It became more of a “hall-way” type meeting experience which had its own value, but not to compare with our traditional Speed Introduction activity. We will be working on new technologies to improve this experience.

We wrapped up the virtual show with some prize giveaways from the participating vendors in the main video meeting room, We did our virtual farewells and wished everyone to stay safe and continued success with their business. The event may be over, but we continue to be there for our community, every day with more support.

To request a full copy of the guide, please click here

[Most businesses know of the various Government financial business recovery support being offered due to COVID-19. We have resources to share with the delegates and third-party organizations who can help them to make claims. That said, it is our recommendation that every business should apply directly to ensure they get and leverage 100% of the needed financial support. Businesses can claim up to 100% of costs to train or retain employees. There are low-interest loans and subsidies for employee wages. There are tax deferrals and probably more to come.]

All delegates were also invited to one-on-one virtual meeting sessions with any vendor or coach after the event. Some vendors did a virtual happy-hour and some offered a gift certificate for UBER Eats. We will do more on this feature in version 2.0 ChannelNEXT Virtual.

From the feedback we got so far, it seems like ChannelNEXT virtual was a worthy experience for the attendees. We fielded hundred of calls and e-mails from MSP,s VARs and Vendors on what should be the way forward. ChannelNEXT Virtual is just one of the many things that we are doing to help our channel community to navigate this crisis and come out stronger than ever.

There are lot of opinions floating around so take everything in with a pinch of salt. Wise to join a peer group to get wider and deeper perspectives from those who understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

I encourage everyone to browse the various content (interviews, insights and advice) on my LinkedIn posts and eChannelNEWS. We eat, sleep and breathe the IT Channel for 3 decades so we really do understand VARs and MSPs and Vendors at the DNA level. When it comes to helping channel partners to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business, we recommend you start with the Channel Partner Alliance. If you are a vendor looking to build out and re-energize your channel partner ecosystem with the right digital game plan, start at TechnoPlanet.

We will be hosting several ChannelNEXT Virtual events throughout the rest of 2020.

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ChannelNEXT Gone VIRTUAL – April 20 Tue, 07 Apr 2020 19:47:56 +0000 Sign of the time! Conference rooms everywhere are empty. Face-to-face OUT. Virtual IN. Like everyone, we had to postpone our upcoming live events until the country gets the all-clear. While live events are on hold, the channel still needs to find the right support!

The question is… when is a good time?

If you are dealing with other more urgent issues, then it’s never a good time. However, if you have settled into the remote working routine and feeling a bit anxious about your future, then why not start now to do something to work on your business!

Now is an especially important time for MSPs and VARs to reconnect, exchanges ideas and collaborate with their peers and professional coaches to best navigate the pandemic crisis.

Manage. Pivot. Accelerate… You are not alone!

The good news is that the vast majority of the channel will do just fine after the COVID-19 dust settles. Those with a significant managed services portfolio are smiling right now. I spoke to many channel partners who said they are having some of their biggest growth weeks ever. Channel partners have realized just how important they are as “essential services” to literally every organization. Time to double down!

Unfortunately, partners with significant receivables from customers who may default payments because of this crisis, will take a big hit. With margins already thin, this can leave a huge dent, even tipping some into bankruptcy. Time to rethink everything!

Regardless of your current situation, ChannelNEXT Virtual peer-to-peer collaboration is going to help!

ChannelNEXT Virtual is primarily about peer-group collaboration in a unique “Mastermind format. It’s how channel partners discuss their current challenges and brainstorm solutions in real-time with the guidance of a professional coach. Imagine getting instant advice from your peers who actually understand your problems and have found solutions that work! Every attendee will participate in TWO different Mastermind sessions!

No alt text provided for this image

We decided to keep this first virtual event simple. We also wanted to get it up as quickly as possible to support the channel at this unprecedented moment. It will deliver huge and timely value. We will use a secure video-conferencing platform so anyone can safely and easily access. Mastermind sessions will be done in private virtual web-conferencing meeting rooms.

Recently we are seeing so many companies publishing screen shots of their virtual meetings. The above is a very good representation of web conferencing that DELL posted recently. A clear sign of the new digital communications era. Time for the channel to embrace smart digital events.

NOTE about Video Camera: Everyone can choose to see each other on the screen or turn off their webcam. All coaches and speakers will be on video.

TWO Parts of ChannelNEXT Virtual

PART 1. April 20 and 21, 2020: Mastermind Sessions

  • Each Mastermind session is 2 hours.
  • Max 8 delegates per group.
  • Limit of 6 peer-groups so book your favorite topic ASAP to avoid disappointment.
  • Only $379 to participate in TWO private Mastermind peer-group sessions. Early bird is $217.31 all-inclusive of taxes, before April 15, 2020.
  • These sessions are led by professional coaches (your fee supports the program and coaches).
  • Anyone who previously registered for the ChannelNEXT live events will automatically get access to ChannelNEXT Virtual for FREE).

Register for Mastermind Sessions (includes General Sessions)

PART 2. April 20, 2020: General Sessions

It’s FREE to attend the general sessions! Up to a maximum of 500 MSPs and VARs can attend the general sessions where it’s one-to-many (Keynotes, Workshops, Lions’ Den and Virtual Speed Introductions and Vendor Break-Out Sessions). We will feature select vendors with solutions that are relevant to the current market conditions and offering extra special support to partners during this crisis. We will also have 8 educational workshops on a variety of relevant topics.

Or, Register for only General Sessions (FREE)

Visit Website to Learn More

Target Audience: Canada (It’s virtual so we will allow any MSP or VAR from any region)

Here is the detailed agenda of ChannelNEXT 2020 VIRTUAL:

DAY 1: April 20, 2020

Mastermind Sessions 9:00 AM to Noon (fee required):

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM: Welcome Virtual Mastermind Attendees! Each registered attendee will receive login access in advance to join at 9:00 AM. We will be there live on video to greet everyone and answer any questions. We will explain the day’s agenda. Attendees will be preassigned to their mastermind sessions and coaches for Day 1 and for Day 2. Each virtual Mastermind session will be about two hours and hosted by the assigned coach. Mastermind Sessions are at the heart of this virtual event!

9:30 AM to 10:00 AM: On the same main video conferencing session, we will kick things off with the first 30-minute panel discussion on live video to all Mastermind and Channel Partner Alliance attendees. Julian Lee, Shane Gibson and Randal Wark will kick off the discussion to set the stage for the new digital business norm.

10:00 AM to NOON: Mastermind sessions. Groups will be automatically transferred to their Private Virtual Room for their first Mastermind session. They will be greeted by their Coach and the countdown clock for 2 hours will start for the session. The coach will guide the group to help them solve some of their biggest pain points. The following topics were chosen based on the current business challenges. Multiple Mastermind sessions will be offered for popular topics. Learn more about Mastermind if you are not familiar with this activity.

  1. Digital Marketing (In this new business normal, every company will need to transition to more digital marketing)
  2. Social Selling (This skill is required to be a Virtual Sales Warrior. This session will explore how to improve your social selling game)
  3. “New” Best Business Practices (The pandemic had accelerated a lot of digital transformation of businesses. MSPs have to adapt their business practices to best guide their customers down this new path)
  4. Leadership in Crisis (This pandemic has brought great stress and challenges to managers. We will discuss best practices for leaders to manage their teams)
  5. Financial Management (Collecting receivables during this difficult time can be a challenge especially from customers on lock-down. Managing cash flow and profitability has become vital)
  6. HR Management during this crisis (There are many government programs available to businesses to help with salaries, training and operations. We will explore the options. For some this may be a good time to hire talent that was previously unavailable. For others, this may be a good time to pivot their business)

NOON to 1:00 PM: Lunch

General Sessions 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (FREE):

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM: We start with two 30-minute keynote sessions.

Shane Gibson: “Social Selling and Digital Marketing – The new business normal” What sales reps and managers must do to remain relevant in the new chapter of social selling.

DATTO: “Learn how DATTO’s channel partners continue to drive success”

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM: Coach and Vendor workshops. Delegates will enter the Virtual Rooms to experience the workshops that they choose. Two workshops will be happening in parallel. We will have 8 workshops to choose from. All will be educational and relevant in today’s market. Workshop speakers will be able to show slide presentations, share documents and answer questions live. Workshop titles and descriptions will be send to you in advance so you can make your selection.

4:00 PM to 4:30 PM: Virtual Lion’s Den where participating vendors will be seen live on video on the main web conference to make their 2-minute pitch! Virtual attendees will be able to instantly vote for their favorite presentation. Someone from the audience will win a cool prize! One vendor will win first-ever “Virtual Warrior Award”. Adds a little fun into the virtual experience.

4:30 PM to 6:00 PM:  Virtual Speed Networking: Attendees are automatically moved in and out of the participating vendor virtual meeting rooms every 5 minutes. There will be an option to also win cool prizes from each participating vendor as you complete the circuit. This session is scheduled to last 90 minutes and prizes will be handed out at the end. After, the speed introduction attendees can join any of the private vendor “virtual rooms” to carry on the conversations or meet one-on-one. This is also where we can all can start drinking in a virtual group happy-hour. Visit ChannelNEXT web site for current list of virtual participating vendors.

DAY 2: April 21, 2020

Mastermind Sessions:

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM: Mastermind sessions. Every attendee can choose to attend a second Mastermind session on day 2 on a different topic! Registered attendees will receive a link to access their private sessions.

Again, here are topics to choose from:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Social Selling
  3. “New” Best Business Practices
  4. Leadership in Crisis
  5. Financial Management
  6. HR Management during this crisis

11:00 AM: Virtual Event officially ends.

NOTE: Every registered attendee will receive access to the recorded general sessions. Private Mastermind sessions will NOT be recorded. Recorded sessions will only be available to registered attendees. Looking forward to meeting everyone virtually.

Sign up soon for the Mastermind Sessions! The Mastermind groups are limited and fill up fast!

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What are you doing on April 20-21? Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:51:42 +0000 If you would like to energize your business, then join your peers at the ChannelNEXT20 EAST conference, home of Channel Partner Alliance members. It’s where the best “mastermind” peer-group learning experience happens through confidential collaboration guided by the best business coaching to solve the biggest pain points.

Especially if you work anywhere in Eastern Ontario or Quebec, or any of the Maritime Provinces as well as our American neighbors in the East Coast states, then this is definitely YOUR regional annual channel conference! However, you are welcome to attend regardless of where you are located! Networking and collaborating with your peers outside of your local market has great value.

Imagine sitting around this fireplace with your peer group, chatting about your pain points that are keeping you awake and finding the best answers to solve them…

This year, we picked a really cool renovated resort, tucked away in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains just 45 minutes from Montreal. You just need to get away from the noise to hear what’s truly important to your business and life (Bring your spouse and guests to enjoy the resort while you work and have them join in the fun activities. This resort has everything including an incredible SPA, skiing, other adventure activities and outlet shopping across the street 😃).

It’s been two years of fine-tuning the new ChannelNEXT conference format to help channel partners and vendors accelerate success.

Listen to what attendees had to say about the experience coast to coast…

EAST Video


WEST Video

Unlike other traditional conferences where loads of exhibitors and celebrity speakers are the main attractions, ChannelNEXT is all about building best business practices through peer-group collaboration, guided by professional coaches. Attendees get support that continues long after the conference is over!

Of course, we also have an outstanding selection of channel-only vendor exhibitors offering leading-edge managed services and recurring revenue opportunities. You will also experience all of the gourmet dining and fun hospitality experiences for social networking and relationship building.

Two ways to participate:

  1. Buy A ticket with an early-bird discount. See ChannelNEXT.
  2. Become a member of Channel Partner Alliance to attend for FREE! Join at Channel Partner Alliance. Membership is ALSO FREE!

There is no reason not to attend and experience this first-hand. It’s wise to prove to yourself why investing two days with your peers to energize business is the right decision for you!

After doing channel conferences for 18 years, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. We know that attending any one event, including ChannelNEXT, is simply not enough for a bigger sustainable impact. That is why the Channel Partner Alliance is now open to help you 365 days a year!

What’s the Channel Partner Alliance you ask?

It’s 100% about supporting MSPs, VARs, MSSPs and ITSP to build best business practices through peer-group collaborations, while building sustainable and predictable recurring revenue. The bonus? We leverage Vendor MDF to subsidize the participating members’ costs. Learn why and how or simply contact us!

No need to wait for the ChannelNEXT event to start benefiting! Join the Channel Partner Alliance today!

Our other CENTRAL and WEST ChannelNEXT20 events are coming up later in the year. Check ChannelNEXT web site for dates and locations or contact us to get on the update list.

Save the date April 20-21 for our ChannelNEXT20 EAST!

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What do channel partners and vendors really want from channel conferences? Wed, 13 Nov 2019 20:21:16 +0000 Vendors will probably say “recruit new partners”. Partners will probably say “find ways to grow business”. There is overlap between these two goals but they are not the same. Of course, there are many other reasons why people attend conferences such as networking, learning, scoping out the competition, partying and so on. We decided to dig deeper and wider to truly understand what really matters…

After 2 years of digging, improving and tweaking (from feedback), the ChannelNEXT conference transformation has now been completed. YEAH! The final experience was just released at ChannelNEXT19 WEST in Banff, on Oct 28-29.

 The verdict? 


Don’t take our word for it. Watch for the latest video coming soon on what attendees had to say about the experience. In the meantime check what they had to say earlier this year.

Check out the most recent picture gallery.

Many partners told us that they were becoming frustrated with channel events (including some of our past events) mainly because they had to wade through the loud noise to find the real nuggets of value that matters most to them. The sales pitches became overwhelming. As such, we decided to reinvent our events to take a different path.

We will share some info on how we changed and hope other channel conferences will also improve their game to better serve the needs of the channel…

ChannelNEXT is that new path! Mastermind Peer-group coach-led collaboration to solve big pain points is the foundation. Speakers and experts who live in the channel space to deliver deep and wide insights. Networking that brings everyone together. Maximum use of time while still having some fun. No nonsense. No waste of resources. We put real value back into time spent at conferences.

That said, ChannelNEXT is NOT for everyone. It is a smaller VIP event where leaders come together to do some extreme business building. Until we figure out how to service more with the same quality, a maximum of 100 channel partners may attend each of these events. The value and VIP experience is simply too difficult to be mass-produced. As such, we may have to host more regional ChannelNEXT events in order to meet the demand. The most common feedback from this last event was to put more breaks between sessions and add another day.

Recap of ChannelNEXT19 WEST held on October 28-29 in Banff, Alberta

On the evening before the show, a major snow storm moved into Banff as only the Canadian Rockies can bring. Forecasters called for a massive storm so we were bracing for a lot of no-shows. It was nasty and took a lot longer to get to Banff with icy roads and limited visibility, but all the attendees made it safely! Thank you all for braving the elements!

After a short introduction from ChannelNEXT’s Event Manager, Gerlinda Ringe, to personally outline all of the upcoming activities, I kicked off the conference with a brief fifteen-minute keynote on the future of the channel. I talked about 10 things that will shape the success of channel partners in the next decade, starting in 2020. Our team is constantly analyzing the trends and real-time data to bring our community the most accurate insights and guidance.

In a nutshell: Channel communities and marketplaces will be the new feeding grounds of channel partners. Security practices will make or break the MSP business. Peer-group collaboration will be the new norm. Peer-to-peer partnerships, especially with ISVs will become commonplace. NOCs will become SOSs and managed services playbook will be rewritten as more software and automation take root.

Sales is #1 on the wish list for most channel partners so we were happy to have Shane Gibson talk about building a playbook and process, and fuel it with social selling then accelerate it with AI. Shane is simply awesome when it comes to social selling and he wrote a book on it. Ask about having him speak at your next partner conference or spend a day at your MSP business! Check out the 12-month virtual sales training program where up to 5 sales reps per company can take the course for only $297 per month! Crazy good!

Communicating effectively so others can understand and buy into what you want is the key to unlocking success in business and life. It is not about what you say. It has more to do with how it is said by adjusting tone and content to fit the 4 types of personalities. You really need to know what drives each of the 4 personas. When you master these skills, there is nothing holding you back. Glynis Devine hosts all sorts of mastermind sessions with business leaders around the world. She is also passionate about Women In Technology and is part of our WIT movement. Glynis helped the audience to better understand what makes each of the 4 personas tick. Everyone was able to self-identify their persona as well as their colleagues. The audience got a special free access to complete the full persona test and also invite their colleagues. Glynis can be contracted to help any company to identify the personas of each employee and teach all how to better communicate with each other! Imagine what better communications and understanding between your employees could mean to the success of the company?

After a great lunch with tasty and healthy local ingredients (that is the pride of the Banff Centre), it was time for the first of two MasterMind sessions. MasterMind is the heart of the new ChannelNEXT. Peer-to-peer collaboration to solve real pain points guided by a professional coach. These sessions were ninety minutes and next year it will be extended up to three hours. All delegates wanted much more time!

Learn what is a MasterMind session and why it matters or contact Randal Wark. You really need to experience it firsthand to truly appreciate its power to solve big problems and build strength. One thing that almost every MSP struggles with is putting value on their time. Randal Wark makes it crystal clear by demonstrating the 4 buckets of work and its associated value in dollars per hour. It became so simple to see where management needs to spend their time to drive more value and growth in the business. Many told me that it was an eye-opener on how they spend their time and vowed to change.

The only vendor keynote was by Datto as they presented a ton of data to help MSPs benchmark their business with their peers. As Datto digest the data of their MSP partners, they have extracted some solid trends and insights to help everyone improve. The Datto product portfolio continues to grow with PSA, RMM, Networking and more.

Back in the main conference room, it was time for Saher Ghattas to rock the world of every MSP by showing them how to double their monthly recurring revenue within 12 months! He currently works with many MSPs so he knows exactly how to get the job done right the first time! Every MSP got a 3-step plan that they can immediately implement by themselves to prove the results. Unfortunately, you had to be there to get this digital marketing power playbook.

With brains pumped and energized, it was time for the fun Lions’ Den where each vendor had a quick 3 minutes to make their best sales pitch. It is always interesting to see how these manufacturer reps step up to the plate on stage. All did very well and all had a different style. Allan Weiss from Datto won this round. He also got to pick a lucky winner for a bottle of top champagne and a cool prize.

It was time for our famous speed introductions over an open bar with a backdrop of the breathtaking snow-capped mountains. Channel partners moved from vendor station to station every 3 minutes for a quick meet and greet. The networking continued and wrapped up with lots of prize giveaways.

Dinner was in the floor to ceiling glass windows’ Vistas restaurant. Great food, drinks, conversations with a gorgeous sunset over the mountains in the background!

Oktoberfest was the main theme in the hospitality suites with German decorations and German beer. But there was a twist! Karaoke! Everyone became a rock star for a night. There are hundreds of things you can do for entertainment, but there is something about Karaoke that brings out the rocker in everybody. One very brave soul did a Michael Bublé song and posted it on LinkedIn. We are very proud of him for jumping way out of his comfort zone! The women did several group sessions and one of our very own team members did a solo that literally stunned us.

Early next morning we passed by several elks and deer on the way to breakfast – something that’s always amazing to see. Breakfast kicked off the second Mastermind session as they switched to a new topic to solve different pain points. These sessions give each channel partner a powerful roadmap to solve their problems. It will not stop here as the coaches will be following up with each attendee to ensure that they implement and execute what they learned.


Did I mention that ChannelNEXT is now the home of Channel Partner Alliance members? This is a fast growing group of channel partners looking to do one big thing… improve their best business practices! This new group is going to be a game-changer in the channel. These best-practice channel partners are the type that vendors want to recruit. It is also the type of well-run companies that end-customers want to buy from. We are pleased to have strong supporters like Sherweb and Synnex. Learn more about the Channel Partners Alliance and why MSPs, VARs and ITSPs should join for FREE. I encourage all vendors to learn how to access this group and support their partners to get the benefits in 2020 and beyond.

We are very proud to have had 19 Channel Partner Alliance members attend this event and more joined right at the show!

Two tracks, eight mind-bending workshops! 

The vendor track featured four workshops on making money with the amazing opportunities that they provide. Sherweb with everything Microsoft and more. Datto with BDR, PSA, RMM and Networking.  AppRiver with security and compliance around everything Microsoft. Purplesoft and HansaWorld’s ERP solution that generates top MRR and deep customer entrenchment.

We also showcased two VoIP and UCaaS solutions for the channel. Unified Cloud and Wildix. As VoIP becomes a fundamental solution offered by smart channel partners, it is critical to select the right solution. We are starting to see some VoIP stars emerging as the go-to partners for the channel. Expect an avalanche of VoIP business to be hitting the channel. More to come…

The educational track explored how to generate bigger and more profitable sales deals. Like improving diversity and leadership in the workplace. Or building out a practical digital marketing business practice to generate properly qualified sales leads. And, last but not least, building out a must-have IT Security business practice and exploring the available options.

The Expo lounge with an amazing lunch is how we always roll up the ChannelNEXT event. Vendors networked with the channel partners one last time and gave away lots of gifts. We also handed out some cool awards to vendors for outstanding performances as voted exclusively by the channel partners! After some last news interviews, it was time to bid farewell until next time.

Wrapping up ChannelNEXT is always bittersweet. We can all finally get a rest after all   the work that went into building and executing the event. But, it is also sad to see everyone leave. Many new attendees arrive as peers but leave as partners and friends. Over the past 17 years doing these events, we have built some great life memories and feel honored to have helped our delegates to improve their business, even if it is just a little.

Of course, the new ChannelNEXT VIP experience had a lot more depth and activities, but its structure, flow from beginning to end, strong content and its effective delivery in the peer-group Mastermind format as well as the networking mix was all part of the secret recipe of success. We have a lot more surprises planned for the future as we make ChannelNEXT one of the best workplaces for channel partners and vendors to build extreme business that is sustainable and predictable.

Save the dates for the upcoming ChannelNEXT2020 conferences. Come experience ChannelNEXT20/20 Vision!

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The Coolest Workplace On Earth? Mon, 09 Sep 2019 18:59:51 +0000 Banff, Alberta is truly amazing on so many levels. It’s a special place where you can get away from the busy life, experience breathtaking views and have fun. The Banff Center is also a unique venue that can nurture your thinking outside of the box. It’s why we choose this environment in Banff to host our ChannelNEXT19 on October 28 & 29.

We are bringing everything needed to help channel partners improve their best business practices and build sustainable recurring revenue!

Most successful MSPs already know that these two things are mission critical for future-proofing their businesses. If you are not yet convinced, then come learn from your peers why it matters.

Come experience this amazing ChannelNEXT workplace for a couple days and go home with big ideas, skills and tools to propel your business to the next level.

Exactly how will this get done?

The new ChannelNEXT format has been redesigned to deliver on this mission with two days of extreme business building in a powerful collaborative “Mastermind” peer-group format, developed exclusively for channel partners. Check out a play by play overview.


While we don’t spend crazy money to get big celebrity speakers to talk about their success and do photo ops, we do have an awesome lineup of real experts who truly understand the pain points of channel partners.

Shane Gibson is from Vancouver and is a great speaker on the social selling playbook and how artificial intelligence is changing the rules. He helps companies build customized sales playbooks with AI for accelerated success. His insights will help you re-energize your sales team. Ask about his virtual and live certified professional sales coaching that will generate champions.

Saher Ghattas is a local Albertan from Edmonton who runs a full-service digital marketing agency. He currently does amazing work for several MSPs and will share his secrets for digital success. You want to pick his brain to accelerate your digital marketing efforts. If you don’t want to do this in-house, then consider having them do it for you. Just follow his digital success roadmap and you will get to where you want to be.

From the East coast, we are bringing Glynis Devine. She will help you to identify the 4 types of personas to understand how to best communicate. Mastering this one skill will help you to get more of what you want. You may even learn a bit more about your own personality. It’s still a people-to-people world and being able to communicate effectively to all types of personalities is crucial to success in business and life.

Paolo Del Nibletto, contributing Editor of eChannelNEWS and Channel Chief of Jolera (a Cyber Security Company) will be our emcee. His journalistic curiosity will bring some very deep and wide insights.

Of course, I will also be there to give some deep insights into what the most successful MSPs and VARs in the World are doing to stay ahead of the curve. I will also discuss the next generation of the channel and how you can flourish within this new marketplace.

Several experts from vendors who work every day on the front lines with channel partners will also share great insights on a variety of hot topics. There will be no shortage of amazing content during the ChannelNEXT19 event!

With just this group of experts, you will take home more than just a few tips that you can use to immediately improve your game!

Mastermind Sessions:

This is the foundation of the brand new format of ChannelNEXT19. It is about peer-group collaboration, learning and brainstorming to solve big pain points. Each session is chaired by a professional coach to help guide the group through this special process. You will be amazed at what you get out from participating in these mastermind sessions. Watch a video on what your peers had to say.

There are five of the most popular Mastermind sessions to choose from on Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Employee Recruitment/Retention and Best MSP Business Practices. You will attend at least 2 sessions and if you want more, you can sign up for a third after the event.

What you will take away from just one Mastermind session can impact your business and life in ways that may surprise you!


We only showcase vendors that we believe can add significant value to your business. In specific, we focus on recurring revenue opportunities. We are always adding vendors so check the web site for the latest line up.

Here are a few highlights:

SHERWEB will meet all of your Microsoft needs and then some. As one of Microsoft’s largest CSP distributors, they know Microsoft inside out. On top of this, they offer lots of complementary solutions including a full VoIP solution suite. Their support is top drawer and they are announcing a brand new offering to all Channel Partner Alliance members! If you sell Microsoft, then you want to talk with Sherweb!

DATTO is all about the channel and helping MSPs to build out their BDR practice. They also offer a full PSA solution (formerly Autotask) with integrated RMM. As if that was not enough, they are growing rapidly in the networking market with some outstanding solutions.

ASIGRA was one of the first companies with a BDR solution. Based in Canada, they are offering a different value proposition for MSPs. Have them show you just out how easy it is to spin-up your own BDR platform to make bigger margins while increasing your business valuation.

APPRIVER is going to help you build out a Cyber Security practice and help you and your clients to be regulatory compliant. If you do not have both of these issues locked down then you are operating with high risk. Sometimes, solutions can be so complex that you need a trusted partner who knows how to get the job done properly.

QNAP is the market leader in network storage. When it comes to RAID systems, they are the Reseller Choice Award winners. What you may not know is that they are also big in surveillance security solutions that come with huge margins.

VIEWSONIC is known as the leader in displays and projectors in every possible format, including the next generation of desktop monitors. They do digital signage, digital workplaces with Viewboard and digital classrooms with Cromebox.

TP-LINK is known for their comprehensive lineup of solid consumer WIFI networking and smart home products including security cameras. Did you know that they also offer a full suite of SMB networking solutions with extended WIFI and smart switches? Check out their next generation routers with load balancing. You may be surprised when you experience their cloud managed solutions. Great quality and performance that is also affordable!

OKI is a first-time exhibitor. They have a lot to offer channel partners. If you are not up to speed with today’s OKI, then you may be in for a nice surprise. They offer managed print solutions with a full suite of printers to fit just about every need. Find out how OKI compares to the competition.

PURPLESOFT/HANSAWorld offers an affordable full-featured ERP solution for MSPs. If you want to digitally transform your own business, then this is a great building block. Learn why having a proper ERP solution can help you improve productivity, efficiency, profitability and valuation. Experience what leveraging real-time business intelligence can do for your business success. Find out how you can easily offer powerful ERP solutions to your end-customers and generate a huge recurring revenue, with zero heavy lifting!

EMAILPLATFORM is a Danish marketing automation platform that leading companies like Lego use to communicate with their customers. Its ability to instantly share content with social networks and track all activities is second to none. We added a huge resource of content so you can simply click-to-add solving one of your biggest pain points – creating good content. Generating content-rich e-newsletters has never been so easy! It has never been more affordable and easier to energize your digital marketing.

THE CHANNEL PARTNER ALLIANCE is going to accelerate your business success and make you happier. It uses a unique Mastermind Peer-Group Collaboration process to help members improve best business practices, streamline their operations and build a sustainable recurring revenue business model! With its growing list of “supply partners”, members will also get access to better support and pricing as well as other perks. For example, Sherweb is offering CPA members huge support package to help jump start their marketing. That is on top of special pricing on Microsoft products and all the vendors that they carry. Probably the most incredible value is that The Channel Partner Alliance Membership is FREE. Becoming a Sherweb partner is also free. Join this group and you start receiving benefits starting on the first day!

(Remember you can also find hundreds of other vendors that we showcase throughout the year on eChannelNEWS – Attend our virtual events. Subscribe for free!)

Networking Activities:

We did not remove the fun networking activities that ChannelNEXT has been doing for over 15 years. We still have the speed introductions, breakfasts, lunches, dinner and several hospitality suites with entertainment and the new Lions’ Den. These activities are designed to help delegates bond and do more business while enjoying the experience.

Awesome Location:

The amazing Banff Centre is in the middle of the beautiful Banff National Park. A truly unique facility and wonderful experience with amazing food as well as newly renovated accommodations to meet the highest of standards. A truly uniquely Canadian venue that does very important work in the arts and leadership. We are very proud to support this venue and share with our delegates.


2 Days + 6 Keynotes + 5 Mastermind Sessions + 15 Vendors With Amazing Solutions – Boring Sales Pitches + 12 Workshops + 5 Fun Networking Activities + 1 Awesome Location = Extreme Business Building at ChannelNEXT19 WEST

Three ways to join us on October 28 & 29:

  1. Attend for FREE by simply becoming a Channel Partner Alliance Member (membership is also free)!
  2. Early ticket is 50% off $995, before September 30th!
  3. Ask your favorite vendor to sponsor your ticket or ask us who has free tickets!

PLEASE NOTE – Register early to reserve your room: The Banff Centre has limited hotel room accommodations and demand is very high. We have a block of rooms reserved for our group, but once this goes, you may not be able to get a room onsite. There are other hotel accommodations nearby, but it will not be onsite and may cost more as demand is high in Banff this time of year.

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Asigra Believes in Channel-Healthy Tue, 16 Jul 2019 19:57:40 +0000

Asigra, a leading cloud backup software provider since 1986, leads the industry in secure, reliable, manageable and affordable data protection. Asigra Cloud Backup V14 named 2018 Product of the Year by TechTarget Storage Magazine and in two categories provides organizations around the world the ability to quickly recover their data from anywhere. Their global IT service providers deliver cloud backup as either public, private and/or hybrid solutions by protecting backups including cyber security, compliance management, cloud SaaS protection, simplified data management, and accessibility. Their mission is to improve people’s lives through information durability.

For more information, please visit

]]> 0 Can Help Add Value Through Business Continuity and Productivity Solutions Tue, 16 Jul 2019 19:56:43 +0000 is an Authorized Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider, Bitdefender, ZEROSPAM, NinjaRMM, Letsignit and a StorageCraft Cloud Distributor in Canada. They have also been distributing supervised cloud backup solutions for 14 years. Boasting a network of partners-resellers country-wide and tens of thousands of daily backups, IT Cloud Solutions is among the top service providers of secured cloud backup and AV solutions as well as Microsoft cloud services in Canada. Born in the cloud in 2005, with a network of over 850 partners that put their trust in their cloud services. They are the IT department in a Canadian cloud for their partners providing managed services like supervised online backups, pre and post-sales support for Office 365. By becoming a partner you will be trained by their 5-STAR team and will be fully enabled to grow your business in the cloud. With, MSPs across Canada can combine Business Continuity and Productivity in one single place.

For more information, please visit

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NiTO Simplifies Monitoring Tue, 16 Jul 2019 19:55:25 +0000

NiTO is a single infrastructure monitoring solution that supports all your needs – a fully hosted monitoring tool designed to work out-of-the-box.

Whether it’s virtual or physical, spend less time guessing – identify your challenges at a glance with NiTO: an innovative service to monitor your entire network. From a single element to the performance of your full ecosystem, our intuitive, “near-time” data visualizations let you easily monitor your entire infrastructure in greater detail than ever before. And with custom alerts delivered to your team by email or phone, you’ll never miss the vital information you need to make decisions.

For more information, please visit

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