Wireless Technology. What’s next…

Wireless technology is all around us. Everyone wants fast, secure, always-on and anywhere wireless access. What is the right solution for your needs and what's next in making wireless access a better experience for users as well as administrators? During this virtual event we will explore the latest in wireless technology. We will go deep and wide into the world of wireless connectivity of people, places and things. We will top this off with some timely business education from Corry Robertson as she talks about how employees can best be motivated and managed in the new hybrid in-office and remote working environments. 

Three big takeaways:

1. Get a deeper understanding of the breath of wireless connectivity in today's digital business environment. A panel discussion with industry experts will provide deep insights on the pros and cons of deploying and maintaining the best wireless environments in any-size business: school, home, rural region or city.

2. Corry Robertson (an exceptional coach that actually teaches other coaches on leadersip skills) will discuss how today's management will need to adapt to better manage and motivate in-office and remote employees. The past best management practises does not work well in the new hybrid business environment. Management must be sensitive to the diverse needs of a hybrid workforce as well as clients. In this seesion you will get the latest playbook on the managing a hybrid workforce. 

3. What technologies, products, services do you really need to build any-size wireless network? From in-home to enterprise to rural regions to cities, where can you find everything you need? Who can help you get the job done right?

Attention attendees! You also have the chance to win one of two prizes of US$ 500.00. Good luck!

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1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT (Eastern)

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11:00 AM - 1:30 PM PDT (Pacific)

Welcome and brief overview of the event! What are the takeaways?

A panel discussion of leading experts in the Wireless industry will discuss the latest technologies and best practices. They will cover a variety of user cases and outcomes. How to build the best and most secure wireless networks. Q&A session.

Effective communication is a timeless leadership skill that is never obsolete but can always use an upgrade. In today's remote and in-person hybrid workplace, management skills and styles must be updated.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”

(George Bernard Shaw)

Just because a person spoke in the presence of another person does not mean that the message was well delivered or well-received.

While equipping leaders with communication skills, we cannot overstate the importance of stressing that everyone in the room is a leader.  Everyone needs the skills equally, regardless of one’s level of responsibility or how many people or teams report into them.

Listening to understand is the magic key.

In this session, Corry Robertson will share the new best practices for managing and motivating employees, regardless if they are working in the office or remotely. She will also explore how culture can play an important role. 

It's a new digial-first business economy and knowing how to motivate your employees everywhere is going to be a competitive advantage. 

Corry Robertson is a leading coach of coaches. She helps leadership coaches to improve their skills and best practices. If you want to improve your motivation and management skills in the digital world, then Corry is the right choice.

The event officially ends at 14:10 (EDT) but we do stay on until 14:30 (EDT) in case you have questions. 

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