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Today’s boardrooms, conferences, schools and congregations all require a modern broadcast-first design. It’s a major version 2.0 upgrade from what most people have been experiencing in typical virtual meetings over the past year. 

As people deal with the on-going pandemic regulations and the post-pandemic new normal, organizations will need to deliver content in multiple ways (in-person and virtual). No one knows exactly what the future will be, but it's becoming clear that a significant percentage of people will want to receive content virtually as they continue working remotely. Many will actually prefer virtual over in-person for health, travel, cost and time efficiencies. 

Doing ZOOM or TEAMS meetings over the past year was basically version 1.0 of the online video conferencing experience. While it delivered value, most people eventually became tired of the basic functionality and experience of virtual meetings. While some video conferencing platforms added more features to augment the experience, there was still something missing… 

That something is a “broadcast quality experience”.

Using the same technologies that professional broadcasters use, you can now convert any classroom, boardroom, congregation, theatre or conference room to allow you to orchestrate multiple live video sources coming from any mix of onsite and remote speakers. All this can be done in seamless real-time transitions, just like a professional newsroom.

You can integrate additional graphic content, presentations, video clips and audio sources into your live streaming feed. It's so easy that your broadcast room won’t require a team of video professionals!

You can continue using your favorite video conferencing platform like ZOOM, TEAMS, GOOGLE, etc. but now your video stream is going to look amazing with seamless interactions and transitions between multiple speakers and media. 

With an affordable turnkey solution, you will have everything needed to transform your current video meetings into a professional and exciting multi-media experience for both, your in-person and online audiences.

The outcome? 

Your entire audience will get a best-in-class video conferencing experience with higher impact and retention! 

Making sure your customers, employees and audience are well-informed is a key to any successful company. With a professional video broadcasting solution, you will deliver on this mission.

The broadcast system is built with a well-integrated and tested mix of cameras, video mixer, audio mixer, video distribution system and flat panels in the room. At the heart of this solution is the NewTek TriCaster video mixer that is easy to use by anyone. Actually, the entire system can be operated remotely!

Now imagine this… 

Your company is having a meeting on the TEAMS platform with 100 employees who are in multiple locations. Some are in the office, where the main presenters are but others are in different regions and countries. Some presenters are also in remote locations. With the broadcasting system you can easily orchestrate all presenters and presentations to come in and out as though they were all in the same room! 

This is exactly how news and sports broadcasters bring you exciting and dynamic video content and feeds from multiple sources in real-time.

In this 2-hour virtual session, we will demonstrate exactly how it’s done. You will see in real-time how anyone can take a common video conferencing experience to a powerful high-impact viewing experience for attendees. You will see and feel the difference instantly.  

We will be using Microsoft TEAMS for this web conference. Microsoft has recently enhanced its one-to-many attendees features to offer a better experience. There is an option to watch the conference live from within the TEAMS platform or Live Streamed through a TEAMS web page. You will have both options when you login and you can chat from within both options!

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Join the expert panel discussion on the new normal of video conferencing. We will discuss the virtual experiences over the past year and how it will evolve moving forward. 


Host: Julian Lee, President, Technoplanet

Panelists: Nick Smith, VP of Technology JB&A; Dr. Andrew Cross, President, R&D Vizrt Group; Matt Bain, Director of Solutions Architecture, JB&A

In this session we will explore the moving parts and technologies that are requried for the best possible experience.  We will discuss the various solutions to meet specific user types and needs.

Today, every business could leverage a professional braodcasting system to enhance their video conferencing image, experience and impact. It's easy to bolt on to popular platforms like ZOOM, TEAMS and GOOGLE. Through a partnership with JBandA, MSPs can easily offer the complete solution to their clients and add a very profitable revenue stream. We have the playbook to hlep any MSP get up and running fast. We handle all of the heavy lifting to ensure the experience is top-notch for MSPs and the end-user. In this seesion we will explore how you can start making money quickly by bringing a powerful value-add to their clients.



Event wrap up! Contact information for sponsors and speakers as well as how to access the recorded content will be sent to all attendees. Thank you for attending! 

Matt Bain
Director of Solutions Architecture
Matt Bain, JB&A’s Director of Solutions Architecture, has built a career around his expertise in Broadcast and Streaming technologies. In addition to his many years at JB&A, Matt also served as Director of Solutions Architecture at Grass Valley.
Dr. Andrew Cross
Dr. Andrew Cross of NewTek® fame, now President R&D Vizrt Group. Andrew Cross is the very person who shaped the vision for what is not arguable the most popular video production system used worldwide and the one who brought us into the world of IP video production with NDI®.
Nicholas Smith
Vice President of Technology at JB&A – Exertis | Broadcast
Nick Smith is JB&A’s VP of Technology as well as the lead engineer and personality behind a variety of technology videos covering the latest tech news and reviews – breaking down complex technology into simple concepts that we can all understand.
More Speakers
Julian Lee
Julian Lee has been the president and CEO of TechnoPlanet for 30 years. He is currently the publisher of and enjoys his role of delivering the latest news every day to the channel business community. His core business is helping tech companies to market their products and build channel partner ecosystems.
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