ChannelNEXT CENTRAL (In-Person + Virtual)

We’re back! This will be a new safety-first formatted event with live online streaming to reach beyond the in-person attendees. This is where vendors and channel partners come to learn and build business.

This will be the second in-person event that we are doing this year! The first one was a great success, safe and fun. We touched on all sorts of insights on driving more success for MSPs. Here is the overview and videos 

All ChannelNEXT events offer new safety-first format with live online streaming to increase the reach beyond the in-person attendees. We also learned from the first event and have already implemented several improvements. It is going to be epic. 

At the Toronto event, we will be focusing on the same theme which is to help MSPs navigate and accelerate success as we roll out into the endemic. What are the trends and demands of the buyers; how you grow business in a digital-first economy; how to build a stronger tech stack and recurring revenue. 

Our select vendors and speakers are focused on delivering the best solutions, insights and value. We invest into relevant-to-the-channel expert speakers who “live" on the frontlines of the channel (instead of celebrity guests for entertainment purpose).

If you are VAR, MSP ITSP or ISV and your goal is to build a sustainable and predictable managed service recurring revenue business, then this event is a sure fit for you!

We are doing several regional events across the country. We go to the local channel communities because it requires much less travel time and costs. We try not to use hotels where cross contamination is more likely occur because of travellers and multiple events. Our vendors are 100% exclusive to our group and facility teams are 100% vaccination and wear masks. Facilities follow 100% of governmental regulations and offer amply indoor and outdoor space. The number of attendees is restricted to ensure social distancing. All attendees must be full vaccinated before entering. All others are invited to watch the live stream from wherever they are. 

ChannelNEXT is also where channel partners and vendors come together to experience life-changing Mastermind Peer-Group sessions. This unique collaboration, exchange of ideas and support is where stronger business partnerships and meaningful personal relationships are built.

In-Person social networking is always at the core of these events. If you have already attended a ChannelNEXT event, then you know what it means. If not, you are in for a treat! As we roll out of the pandemic, everyone will be yearning for more live contact with others. As such, we will be ramping up our social networking activities, in a safer way.

Why choose ChannelNEXT out of the many tech events out there? It really depends on what you want to get from the experience. In reality, attending any channel conference can be a good thing (always an opportunity to learn and discover new ways to build business). We designed ChannelNEXT to be a smaller VIP event where every attendee feels welcomed and leaves with the right information after spending the right amount of time in an enjoyable environment. 

The data over the past decade shows that every attendee walks away with at least 4 significant business opportunities (some have told us that over 1/3 of their business growth was because of ChannelNEXT).  More importantly, near 100% said that they would return.

The bottom line is that ChannelNEXT is about extreme business building within a fun social environment where everyone becomes part of the experience. No one is alone! It feeds your business and your soul :o) 

Our team had been doing this for over 19 years and the event is not just business, it’s personal!

Register asap to reserve your seat!
Reconnect with your colleagues and peers in an early morning casual meet and greet over breakfast snacks. Ease into the day with a fun experience to kick things off.
The conference guide with schedule, sponsors and speakers is all electronic and accessible with a QR code.


Why listen to “experts" telling you how to improve your MSP business? Why not have successful MSPs give you the real inside scoop directly?

We will discuss the journey of 3 leading MSPs on what they did to navigate the challenges and more importantly what are they doubling down on to accelerate through the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

What are their secrets cause to success? These MSPs have decided to share their good, bad and ugly to help the channel to improve their game. We will even discuss the pros and cons of selling your business. Julian Lee will be interviewing these MSPs live and the audience (in-person audience & live online viewers) can submit questions. 

Failure here is never a good outcome but it's very likely to happen, and more often than you wish. From the "wannabe" hackers to organized crime to state-sponsored cyber spies - if they want you, they can probably get you.

One thing we all know is that Cyber Security is a moving target. What was secure one second ago can instantly be an opening for an attack. To tackle this monumental challenge, we have gathered 4 top Cyber Security SOC companies discuss the latest situation in cyber warfare, what’s coming and how to best prepare to defend.

In 10 to 30 minutes sessions, vendors will show you why it matters to leverage their solution to solve big problems for your customers and how to generate more monthly recurring revenue. Your solutions portfolio will differentiate yourself from the competition. Learn how these vendors can help you build the best technology stack.

Snaplogic: Enterprise Automation (30 min)

DATTO: Everything Managed Services (30 min)

Sherweb: Expanding Your Microsoft Book Of Business (15 min)

Net2Phone: Unified Communications & VoIP Managed Services (15 min)

All vendors will be social distanced for you to explore their offerings, meet their people and collect some swag.  All this happens over an amazing lunch and ample space to enjoy. 

We will also do draws with prizes as we do our rounds with eChannelNEWS TV Team.

Each vendor gets 3 minutes to make their digital sales pitch to both the in-person and online audiences. Channel partners can quickly assess if the vendor can be a fit for their solutions' portfolio. You can reach out to connect with the vendors you like. We also have an online method for you to instantly receive more information on any vendor or product you see. 

Everyone will receive a link with the vendors listed to instantly vote for their favourite pitch. Simply make yoru selction and done. You can also the vendors of interest to receive more information.

You will also get a chance win some prizes as a "thank-you-for-voting".

Get together with a small group of your peers (socially distanced) to discuss your pain points and solutions. If you have never experienced a Mastermind peer-group before then you are in for a treat! You will be amazed how this can help you solve all of your problems. Vendors can also join the discussion so everyone can help each other. A facilitator will guide everyone through the fun and thought-provoking journey.

Check out the testimonials from our web site to see what your peers are saying. 

You are invited to kick back as we carry on the conversation.

Register Now For In-Person OR Virtual

Where is the event located?

Toronto. Location will be sent to all registered and approved attendees. 

How do I attend this event in person?

Register. We will send out the location details to all registrants who signed up to attend in person and have been approved. Due to the current and evolving governmental health regulations we are only allowed a limited amount of people on site so we are on a first-registered-first served.

Will I need to be FULLY vaccinated to attend the in-person event?

YES. And you must bring your vaccine document for proof as it will be checked by the facility management upon entry. It is now a government regulation.  

What about the VENUE? 

We had to reinvent in-person event for your safety and enjoyment. 

1. We decided NOT to use the typical hotel/conference facilities because we wanted our event to be distanced from other events that are being hosted in the same hotel. We also feel that hotels (by its nature) are big gathering places of travellers from all over the world. All potential issues for increased COVID infections. We wanted the facilities to be 100% exclusive to our group. Period. 

2. We wanted safer outdoor facilities to give delegates the freedom of choice to move around.

3. We wanted to support more local businesses to get the economy back on track. The facility and all suppliers are locally-owned.

4. We wanted to reduce the travel time so we brought the event closer to city centres but with ample parking and access to public transport. 

5. Only people who are fully vaccinated with proof can be allowed indoors (as per the Ontario Government regulations - managed by the facility)

6. Food and beverages must be amazing and safe.

7. All event activities must be safe - Mastermind sessions will be done on special outdoor tables. Booths will be in individual outdoor open-sided tents or part of each Mastermind Table. Talk-show and presentations will be socially distanced on stage as well as the audience.

8. Everything is live streamed to any device so can be watched from anywhere on or off premises.

9. The usual masks and sanitizers will be available or you can bring your own.

10. We wanted to bring a new educational and enjoyable experience. The New ChannelNEXT experience! 

If you still don’t feel comfortable in face-to-face meetings, then you can watch the content live-streaming on several platforms from any device.

How do I LOGIN to this event virtually?

Sessions will be streamed via several platforms. Registered participants will receive links via confirmation email.

Can I see this event live?

Yes, most sessions are streamed live on linkedin and other platforms. Connect with Julian Lee on LinkedIn to get access to the link, or check out for event updates and logins.

Connect With Julian on LinkedIn

How will I know if my system is compatible to access the online event?

There will be a system pre-test link for you to run and that will confirm if you are ready or not. 

Will I be able to get a recording of the event?

Yes. Much of the general content sessions are recorded and automatically sent to only those who registered to the event. Some sessions may not be recorded for privacy concerns.

Is the online platform secure?

We choose platforms that are secure and we do not host public events. All attendees must register with a valid e-mail address and must sign in with the same e-mail address to enter. Our team will monitor the event and be able to intervene, if necessary. Please understand that we do not allow to post links in the chat. That said, never share any confidential information with anyone during a virtual event. 

Can I use the same link and password to allow my colleagues to access?

No. Everyone must register individually. 

How is the privacy of my information handled?

We do NOT store your information on the system after the event is closed. Nothing stays accessible through the Internet. We do not share your information with anyone. If you want to connect with a vendor or others, you must exchange your details with them.

Is the ChannelNEXT event safe?

We have made it as safe as possible based on everything we know today. 

  • Everyone in attendance must be double-vaccinated and provide proof before entry as sanctioned by the Government. Facility management will be checking for this and scanning vaccine documents.
  • Seating will be socially distanced according to regulations both indoors and outdoors.
  • The entire facility will be sanitized for our attendees.
  • While walking, you must wear a mask. When sitting, you can remove your mask or continue wearing it. Your choice.
  • The stage area will be physically distanced from the audience and all speakers will also be appropriately distanced. We will be doing a “talk-show” format and speakers will be distanced.
  • Activities will be split between indoors and outdoors. Indoor facility has high ceilings and well ventilated.
  • All staff will be wearing masks.
  • Masks and sanitizers will be available to everyone.
  • Lunch will be outdoors and served individually. Coffee and snack stations will be self-serve.
  • Expo area will be outdoors under a tent with ventilation and socially distanced with proper one-way traffic flow.
  • Attendees must be 18 years or older.
  • Mastermind peer-groups will be limited and held outdoors on tables that are socially distanced to allow everyone ample space.
  • The discussions on stage will be live streamed so attendees can literally take breaks while continuing to watch the presentations on their devices.
  • We selected a facility that will host our event and attendees exclusively. We choose this over the usual hotel facilities because we did not want to be connected to other events under the same roof or travellers from outside the country where the potential for cross contamination is greater.

If you are still uncomfortable or not feeling well, please stay home and watch the live stream.

Have more questions?

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