We have all witnessed the recent digital transformation of business. You can either wait until things get back to the old days or pivot into this new digital world. Whatever happens, it is obvious that a digital-first business strategy is now prudent and probably the only way to future-proof your business.
In this event, we are going to break down the digital marketing playbook for channel partners.
What are other channel partners doing? 
Panel Discussion by 3 Channel Partners on some of the digital marketing activities that they are doing. They will share their successes ad failures. Provide you with some insights on how best to go digital marketing.
Building Digital Sales Warriors 
A social expert will help you understand how traditional sales professionals must adapt to remain relevant in todays digital-first social selling environment. Tools and skills are requires to help sales reps to transition successfully. You will also learn what are the requirements to hire new digitally-savvy sales reps. Everything happens with a sale and channel partners must get their sales teams ramps up to the new digital business normal.
Building Thought-Leadership 
Becoming a thought-leader or “influencer” in your business area is the ultimate end-game for business owners. When you reach this status, you will attract new customers who choose to follow you. In this session we will discuss that playbook that you must execute to become that thought-leader.
Digital advertising on Social Media Networks 
This can be a complex mission and costly if you are not on top of your game. It may be better for you to outsource this instead of just trial and error advertising. There is a process to doing this right and we will discuss the steps necessary to leverage the most popular social networks.
Marketing automation for channel partners 
In this session you will explore how a marketing automation solution can help you do digital marketing like a professional. This tool alone is NOT enough to drive success because the content you feed through it is mission critical!
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