“Growing Managed Services In The New Digital-First Economy”

Welcome to the brand new format of the in-person ChannelNEXT event that includes all of the social distancing and other health safety requirements due to COVID-19.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this revised in-person event date may be postponed depending on the latest governmental regulations. We will update this website and all registered attendees as we receive updated government recommendations.

  • 100% extreme Business Building in a safety-first environment!
  • 100% pure Channel Focus!

The struggle is real and we need practical solutions to help get through this evolving situation. Every channel partner is doing whatever it takes to navigate their way through this challenging period. Some have experienced tremendous growth while others are still struggling. We have been monitoring hundreds of channel partners throughout this crisis and we will share some of their best practices that we discovered.

We are going to have the best experts help channel partners and vendors to push through the uncertainties and thrive in the digital-first economy. We will cover several hot topics including, leadership skills, improving remote working productivity, cyber security, customer retention, finding new customers, employee retention and bridging financial gaps. This knowledge is needed for becoming a true “Digital Transition Business Advisor” to help customers navigate the digital-first economy.

Super exciting news! We will also be showcasing some new game-changing tools that any channel partner can leverage immediately to improve their business. It will quickly help them to better streamline their operations and improve profitability on many levels! If you are a channel partner of any size, then you just do not want to miss this! We will be publishing some more details on these next generation tools as we lead up to the big reveal at the event.

You are welcome to join us in-person to experience this brand new type of in-person event as we all navigate through this pandemic safely. It will exceed all Government safety requirements for hosting live events during the pandemic. (All attendees will have a pre-sanitized individual table and chair to use throughout the conference that will be at least 6-feet apart from others. You will have a selection of individually wrapped snacks on your table with unlimited beverages for your personal consumption. Coffee and tea will be served by masked and gloved waiters. All presenters will be on stage, at least 15 feet apart from audience. Expo tables will be at least 10 feet apart and have a additional shield between vendor and attendee. A structured movement flow will maintain proper social distancing. The room will be very well ventilated as an added precaution.)

The entire conference will be live streamed as well as recorded for on-demand viewing. You can register to attend in-person or get access to the live stream. Your choice!

This will be a one-day event. Attendees may stay overnight at the hotel or make other arrangements, if they wish. All accommodation requirements are to be made directly with the facility.


8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Touch-less Registration. You will pick up your badge, mask, hand sanitizer and gloves. Conference guide will be electronic to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

9:00 AM –  NOON: 2 – 30-minute sessions plus 6 – 20-minute sessions (Breaks are as you need)

NOON – 2:00 PM: Lunch and Expo (Lunch served at your table vendor expos will have shields)

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Lions’ Den: Every participating vendor gets 3 minutes to make a pitch to the audience and the audience votes for best performance.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Expo: Vendors will each do a 5 minute e-channelnews video interview to showcase their products.  Prizes will be drawn. Expo will have a specific directional flow to maintain social distancing at all times.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM: After-event “happy-hour” is optional and will be held outdoors and with masks. (We are not exactly sure how this will work, but we are exploring further).  Everyone leaves with a surprise thank-you package for their journey back to home.

NOTE: If you feel sick, please do not attend. If you believe that may have been exposed to COVID-19 within the previous 21 days, please do not attend. Instead, view the live streaming event safely from your device at home.

VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, ISVs and ITSPs can participate for FREE!

Who will attend?: A maximum limit of 50 channel partners will attend this event. in-person. Unlimited for Live Streaming. We understand that people may prefer to consume the content at home so we will be live-streaming and recording all content for on-demand viewing. All attendees must be registered to access the content. It is your choice to have an in-person or virtual attendance.

Contact us if you would like to attend, exhibit or ask questions

We understand the importance of in-person events and to do them safely. We are planning to do more in-person events all across the country. However, keeping everyone safe is our first priority. We are keeping a very close eye on the current conditions to ensure we exceed all health and safety standards. As you know, we have an 18 year history of ChannelNEXT events and we intend to adapt to this new environment by providing the safest and best possible experience to our attendees. Until we eventually return fully to multi-day events, this will be the new norm. Keep in mind that we are also doing several virtual events every month so you can still get the content and value delivered to your home.  Please check e-ChannelNEWS and Channel Partner Alliance to see what more we are doing to support the channel community. We have a renewed mission to help the channel to get out of this crisis bigger, better, stronger and smarter! Join us!