This is the time and the place where the IT industry comes together to recognize the country’s best managed VARs, MSPs and ITSPs! Why is this award very different from any other award for channel partners? Well, to earn one of Canada’s “50 Best Managed IT Companies” Awards, the VAR, MSP or ITSP must have successfully completed a test and score high enough to be in the top 50.

This is how it works:

1. Complete a best business practice assessment test with over 200 questions in every area of business operations including, business vision, strategy, leadership, management, sales process, marketing, finance, operations, help desk/support, product, supplier and customer satisfaction.

2. Business experts will review and conduct one-on-one interviews with the applicant as they see fit to finalize their score card.

3. Every applicant will also be reviewed for their public digital image and social clout. Their web sites, social media properties, customer recommendations and supplier relationships will be reviewed. Based on the findings, another factor will be added or subtracted to the final score!

4. The combination of these 3 levels of examination will result in a final score. The companies with the 50 highest scores will be recognized and receive one of the elite awards “Canada’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies”.

You CANNOT earn one of these awards by simply answering only to some of the questions or having a subjective decision by anyone! Only completed applications will be scored. That means, the more sections that you complete, the higher your score will be!

Applicants will be able to retake the test every year and compare as well as benchmark to their peers!

Every applicant will see exactly how their perform as they complete each section in real time. They will see a Green, Yellow or Red tag to indicate their level of strength! While the award is nice to get, the actual mission is to help every VAR, MSP and ITSP to better understand their strengths and weakness when it comes to best business practices so they may improve their business!

Winning this award will be helpful to the business in many ways. Everyone want to do business with and work for well managed companies!

We look forward to recognizing the 50 companies with the highest scores and hand them the award. There is no specific ranking. A company is either one of “50 Best Managed IT Companies” or not (Note: being one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies has nothing to do with sales volume!)

How To Qualify For The Award?

Registering to take the assessment test is the first step. Once you complete all the questions, your assessment will be processed and scored. You may log in as often as you need to complete the questions. With about 200 questions, this is not a quick test! It will take 2 to 3 hours, but it will be one of the best exercises you can do to improve your company! Once your complete information has been submitted, our independent judges will review and finalize your score.

See bestmanageditcompanies.com for more details.

ALL applicants are invited to our “Canada’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies” Gala Dinner.  You can also bring your colleagues, spouses or special guests to celebrate!

All potential winners will be notified in advance so they can make arrangements to attend the gala to collect the award! Only attending companies will receive the physical award. Others will receive a notification.

At the Awards Gala, we take pictures and video interviews at no cost to help you promote your win! It’s a formal Awards Gala so we recommend gents to wear a tuxedo or black or dark colour suit and tie. For ladies, an elegant evening dress of your choice.

We will also be combining this award with the Annual Reseller Choice Awards, whereby we hand out awards to the best vendors and distributors as voted exclusively by the channel partners.

Two award shows combined into one great evening to celebrate the achievements of the best in the IT channel

  • Tickets are available for CAN 199.00 p.p. (including Welcome Drink, Hors D’oeuvres, a scrumptious four course dinner with wine pairing plus drinks and entertainment. For tickets and more information about the venue, click the registration below.