Are you one of Britain’s “50 Best Managed IT Companies”?

If you are a VAR, MSP, ITSP or ISV in the UK, then you WANT to see your name on this elite list! It says you are the best of the best in the UK IT Channel, when it comes to operating your business. Everyone wants to do business with or work for a company that runs on best practices! Imagine what bringing back this award will mean to your employees, clients and suppliers.

The 50 companies with the highest scores will win this award! To qualify for this year’s award, you must complete the assessment before November 15th 2020.

Learn more or take the FREE assessment at

This powerful online assessment tool was exclusively designed for VARs, MSPs, ITSPs and ISVs to help them benchmark their best business practices. Companies are evaluated in 12 key areas with about 200 questions to measure their best practices. Being a best managed company has nothing to do with sales volume or the size of the business.

Win this award or not, every applicant will get valuable insights on which of the 12 areas of business practices to improve – a good guide to improve!


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (London, UK GMT): Virtual Awards Ceremony

It says a lot when you run your business with best practices and win this award!

  • It says your company is one of the best-of-the-best in the UK IT Channel!
  • It says you are one of the best business leaders in the IT Industry!
  • It says your company is poised to have sustainable success in the future!
  • It is something your team will be very proud of and will celebrate!
  • It says your company is where the best people want to work!
  • Every vendor and distributor will want to do more business with you!
  • More customers will want to do business with you!
  • You can exploit the competitive advantage in your marketing activities!

It is FREE to attend the virtual ceremony.  You will be notified as a finalist and invited to attend to collect your virtual award. You also have the option to receive the physical award by courier. 

Check out last year’s Award winners!

Check out these powerful business resources available for MSPs, VARs, ITSPs and ISVs:

  1. MSPOfficeSuite™ – Tools and services to streamline your business.
  2. MSPCoach™ – Learn how to build a stronger business.
  3. Channel Partner Alliance™ – Join a group of 8 peers to build your business with the support of 6 professional coaches.
  4. Best Managed IT Companies™ – Take this free Best Business Practice Assessment Test to measure your strengths. Know what you do not know so you can improve! It’s a good first step to improving your business.

These resources are supported by TechnoPlanet, the leading Canadian Channel Development Company for 30 years. Its team has been in the IT industry since 1984 with a front row seat to witness the incredible evolution of the channel. Everything TechnoPlanet does is 100% PURE CHANNEL. To learn more please visit

All UK channel partners are welcome to attend this virtual event for FREE