Will anything ever replace personal face-to-face contact?

In our IT world, bombarded with extreme levels of digital communications and countless “1-inch” deep virtual relationships, sometimes you just need to stop, meet and talk live. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a hold on all in-person meetings. Replaced with video conferencing, the next best thing. We also believe that virtual events will no go away and will now become part of our event portfolio. Effectively immediately, ChannelNEXT will host monthly virtual events, each focusing on a specific topic.

When meeting in-person does returns, ChannelNEXT will be well poised to lead the way because our events are already built smaller and regional. It also requires less travel. Just the type of in-person events that will be ideal moving forward. Very large gatherings will most likely remain unsafe and uncertain for a while.

For over 15 years, we have been organizing the most effective Face-to-Face conferences for the IT channel to help Vendors, Distributors, VARs, MSPs, IT Solution Providers, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators and IT Consultants to build business.

We do a variety of purpose-built channel events (ChannelNEXT, Mastermind, VARTrends, MSPTrends, Reseller Choice Awards, 50 Best Managed IT Companies, Top 10 Cloud Vendors and many Road Shows) to assist our channel community in building partnerships and strengthen relationships. Currently, we produce channel events primarily in Canada, USA and UK.

What’s new in today’s ChannelNEXT Conferences?

This next generation of conferences delivers best business practice educational content through a “MasterMind” format. See Channel Partner Alliance to learn more about this unique way of learning and building business success. It also focuses on building a sustainable and predictable recurring revenue business for channel partners. Of course, Vendors and Distributors continue to participate to build relationships and recruit partners.

ChannelNEXT is the event division of TechnoPlanet Productions Inc., an international marketing and communications company, specialized in the technology channel industry since 1993. TechnoPlanet develops and executes effective channel marketing strategies, programs and tactics that help vendors build their channel partner ecosystem. For more information about TechnoPlanet, please visit www.technoplanet.com.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what attendees have to say about our conferences by watching the latest videos on www.e-channelnews.com.

ChannelNEXT is also the annual convention of all members of Channel Partner Alliance.