Will anything ever replace personal face-to-face contact? In our world, bombarded with extreme levels of digital communications and countless “1-inch” deep virtual friendships, sometimes you just need to stop, meet and talk live.

For 15 years, we have been organizing the most effective Face-to-Face conferences for the IT channel to help Vendors, Distributors, VARs, MSPs, IT Solution Providers, Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators and IT Consultants to build business. And, we continue to add the new “born-in-the-cloud” players (and others) looking for their place in the channel!

How do we do that? We create a variety of custom-built channel events (ChannelNEXT, VARTrends, MSPTrends, Reseller Choice Awards, 50 Best Managed IT Companies and Top 20 Cloud Vendors) to assist our audience in growing solid business partnerships and strengthen relationships to generate sustainable sales growth. Right now we produce several channel events each year in Canada, USA and UK (expanding in France, Germany and Australia).

A new breed of ChannelNEXT Conferences!

Our next generation of conferences will be focusing on delivering a lot more best business practice educational content in a “MasterMind” format (See www.varmastermind.com for more information). More coaching. More peer-to-peer collaboration. More learning. More choice. More fun. It’s also where we will be building the country’s next top 300 Channel Partners. We are now 100% focused on improving your best business practices, streamlining business operations and building a recurring revenue business model. We do that because this is the heart of every IT business.

ChannelNext is the event division of TechnoPlanet Productions Inc., an international marketing and communications company, specialized in the technology channel industry since 1993. TechnoPlanet develops and executes effective channel marketing strategies, programs and tactics that help vendors develop their channel partner ecosystem. For more information about TechnoPlanet, please visit www.technoplanet.com.

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what attendees have to say about our conferences by watching the latest videos on www.e-channelnews.com and www.ecntv.tv