VARTrends UK
London, December 7th, 2017
6th Annual Channel Manager Summit
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
2017 Reseller Choice Awards
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
ChannelNext East 2018
April 9, 10, 2018
ChannelNext Central 2018
June 4,5, 2018
Fall 2018
ChannelNext West 2018
BC, October 22-23, 2018
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Instead of simply telling you what happened at the recent event, I will give you a 20-step action plan that you could follow to help you benefit from the event, even if you did not attend!

Please also check out the extended messages from the vendors below to get more insights and contact information.

1) bookmark/explore resource to improve my business. Take test to score my strengths and weaknesses. Use contact form to connect with the tools and services I need. Review one every very week.

2) Subscribe. Review weekly summary tips. Forward to my team/get them to subscribe.

3) Add LinkedIN "Julian Lee, TechnoPlanet". Join LinkedIN group VARCOACH. Follow on twitter Do same for all contacts that I met at the show!

4) Review the upcoming webinars on Register my team for the ones that we want! Book in my calendar!

5) Check out the event videos on See what I missed. Could I leverage some video content to help me present the message to my customers? May need some editing to cut out the channel content! Ask how! Consider doing a company video for my web site! How can I leverage more video to help me market and sell?

6) Evaluate joining VARCoach MasterMind group.It’s similar to a regular MasterMind group that exchange ideas and support. New group adds an entire team of business experts in every field to get into the best-practices deeper and faster. It is like hiring a whole team of experts to help me throughout the year at a fraction the cost!  Register at to see if this could work for me!

7) Get my team (and a few customers) to review my web site (most important digital marketing asset). If we need professional need help, contact and check off the items.

8) Review my CRM solution and sales process. Connect with Rick McCutcheon to fix. Check out for an effective CRM tool.

9) Review these Back-Up and Business Continuity providers:,,, and Find the right mix to offer. Switch from DropBox to folder

10) Review how we can leverage HP’s channel programs more! Looks like we are missing out on a lot! Check out ibiz10’s Everything HP Web Store that I can customize to start marketing and selling everything HP!

11) Check out MaxFocus/Logicnow Maybe we can use their service ticketing module. Check out Autotask at for full-service automation. Connect with Randal for advice on getting up and running with Managed Service and RMM.

12) Review my clients with mission critical Internet up-time and performance requirements and check out solution at
13) More margins with Epson? Latest printer good for Managed Print Services. Projector doubles as a white board and recording tool - my clients could want this! Contact Mark at their Canadian office check out

14) Review my accounting solution. Is it time to get a better solution? Check out or from Winnipeg with an entry-level solution of about $1,000. Can I offer this to some of my clients as a referral to make some commissions?

15) Ground floor opportunity for IOT. Research the right solutions for my clients to reap some big financial rewards! Need to learn more about how we can leverage IOT for our clients!

16) Fix my social media! Talk to Marlene from to help me!

17) Explore doing a few B2B e-procurement portals with my top customers so they can place and check orders 24/7 in real-time. See how my sales reps can use to generate faster and more accurate e-quotes or check price and availability from multiple distributors in real-time. Can my purchaser use this to save 90% of their time?  Investigate how I can combine Cloud and Managed Services with hardware to make more money! check out and book a demo!

18) Check out CompTIA  at Join and get access to some white papers and playbooks!

19) Get my team to subscribed to to receive summary of key IT news every day! I must subscribe to receive the info!

20) Follow up all the contacts form the business cards that I received! Send back the event feedback survey to help them improve.

I trust that you will find at least a few opportunities to benefit your business. You will see the results! Your feedback is always welcomed!

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BrightBeam Digital: Best Workshop Presentation


Datto: Best Keynote Presentation

StorageCraft: Best in Show