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Right between the G20 Summit and The Indy Race in downtown Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the AppleExpo 2010 opened its doors on July 13th. The business-focused AppleExpo drew about 1,000 companies who use Macs to run their business. Most every Apple reseller from across Canada also attended this event as well at the previous day’s Apple Reseller Summit. It’s an annual opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, Apple and resellers to get together to network, learn about the latest products and build business partnerships.

The main theme this year was solutions for vertical business markets. Vendors and Resellers joined forces to present complete business solutions including Retail, Medical, Dental, Real Estate, Legal, Enterprise, Creative/Entertainment and Data Centers.

HansaWorld demonstrated a great solution for Retail as well as a specific custom solution for Jewelry Retailers. Beyond the application itself, retailers can take advantage of the music and digital signage capabilities of the Apple products to help their retail business.

Health is a hot market and Jonoke Software demonstrated a total solution for doctors and dentists to run their business. Acordex and Fujifilm demonstrated electronic document management systems that can be a perfect fit for health care as well as corporations and Government.  These solutions can save huge costs and allow access to vital information in real time.

Law firms can use a solution by REDI systems to manage their practice and provide litigation support. The system allows lawyers to manage cases, time and billings. iPads also took center stage as a powerful business tool in just about every market. Citrix demonstrated their solution that allows any user to access their computer desktop [data] from anywhere with their iPad. For example, Doctors can use iPads to access medical records for their patients in real time.

There was also a workshop on Social Media and how companies can leverage to connect with their customers, offer support and even market their business. In between all of these highlights, there was a wide range of the latest Mac products showcased by many manufacturers [See the overviews highlighted below].

Now in its second year, the AppleExpo event organizers are already planning a much bigger event for next year, as well as a dedicated event for Mobility to showcase products like iPhones and iPads. Gerlinda Ringe, The AppleExpo Event Manager comments, “Each year we learn and build on the AppleExpo for Canada. It’s not easy to get the US manufacturers to invest in such shows, especially in the current economic climate. We hope that the success of this year’s event will encourage hundreds more vendors to exhibit next year to make this a greater success for all Canadian Apple Users”.