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There were clouds everywhere and we are not talking about the white stuff in the sky. Cloud Computing was one of the hot topics at the first ChannelNext event for the year in Montebello, Quebec. Vendors showcased several solutions that VARS can use today to start doing business and making profits in the Cloud.

Panda showcased their IT Cloud Security Solution that allows VARS to manage and protect their customers' networks. ThinDesk and StorageCraft demonstrated how clients can use their cloud systems to manage. Background Back-Up and Seagate's i365 presented 24/7 data back-up and disaster recovery services.

There is significant savings and environmental benefits to going into the cloud. With the current top-level security protection capabilities of these services, leveraging these technologies can be as secure, if not more secure than using some in-house solutions. The peace of mind, lower costs, and the real-time benefits of 24/7 on-demand data availability can be the key drivers for convincing your customers to migrate to the Cloud.

“Managed Services” was also another key focus at the event. This sector is definitely growing by leaps and bounds in the VAR Channel. Several sessions talked about how to position your company to grow a Managed Service business and the tools you need to help “manage” a managed service business. It seems that you need to brand your company as the trusted service provider and constantly demonstrate your value to your customers by consistently reporting activities. If you are going to charge your customer a monthly fee to manage their system, then be prepared to justify your work. It is critical to have the proper solution, infrastructure and tools in place to get the job done right as you do take on the added risk if you fail to protect your client's business.

The VAR Coaches talked about face-to-face networking, how to make events work for your business and the differences between sales and marketing. VARS continue to struggle with implementing proper marketing campaigns that fuel sales opportunities primarily because they confuse the different requirements of these two tasks. Getting some professional advice can save you lots of money, time and more importantly increase the chances of success. Presentation skills, marketing, sales and events are all key business needs that every VAR should master. The team at VARCoach is well up-to-speed on helping VARS get the job done right.

There were many more great opportunities for VARS and Vendors at ChannelNext. Literally hundreds of partnerships were being developed during the 2-day event. Luckily we have videos so you can sit back and just watch what you missed on Click the ChannelNext10 tab and enjoy. Did you know that ecnTV produces video profiles for VARS for them to use as a marketing tool to prospect end-users? We will be reporting again to you soon from the upcoming ChannelNext Central in Muskoka on May 31.