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London, December 7th, 2017
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Toronto, February 1st, 2018
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April 9, 10, 2018
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June 4,5, 2018
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Montebello Writeup

The first ChannelNext event for 2008 was a big hit with the VARs and Vendors. Thirty vendors and 50 VARS spent 2 days in a series of social business networking activities to build partnerships. Please review the vendor messages below to learn what each vendor presented at the event. If you missed the event, but still want to get in touch with any vendor, please use the convenient ChannelNext online vendor contact system.

The keynotes and topics were diversified and provided excellent insights into several hot markets. Andrew McKay of CRN Canada talked about how vendors foresee the Canadian market. This perspective gave VARS an opportunity to better align themselves with the vendors to exploit partnerships.

Bell Micro hosted the main keynote and panel discussion on Storage Solutions for SMB. Speakers from Adaptec, Hitachi, Intel, Quantum and Seagate discussed the various solutions, market trends and how they partner with VARS to grow business. Bell Micro presented a wide range of support services that they offer VARS to help them successfully sell into the SMB storage sector.

Lenovo's Corey McGowan told the Lenovo story and where they are headed in the future. As a top sponsor of the next Olympic Games, Lenovo is generating global brand awareness that VARS can leverage with their SMB customers.

Jay Burrows of RedHat demonstrated how Linux is growing and where the sales opportunities for VARS are today. As the Linux World expands, more VARS are growing sustainable and recurring software licence revenues with Redhat. One of Canada's largest Linux VARS InfoGlobe, was also there to confirm their huge success with this platform. Jay also outlined several ways in which Linux is winning business and Government deals by proviiding best-of-class solutions in data storage, messaging, clustering and middleware.

Panda presented the latest trends in the IT Security space and claimed that 72% of all corporate networks with more than 100 PCs are infected with active Malware. Tim Brunt emphasized how the landscape of IT Security has changed and how VARS can exploit significant revenue opportunities in managing this change.

Unified Communications is a new topic at ChannelNext. Westcon's Jenna Pitcher presented the big picture of how Unified Communications has evolved and where it is today. She outlined the business opportunities for VARS to get into the UC market and several solutions and services to get started. UC is still relatively new for many VARS, but as their customers demand better management of multiple communication types, they will need to address these needs or expect their competitors to step up. As a new growth industry for VARS, there is also an opportunity for high profit margins.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is bigger than ever as more companies are starting to understand its benefits and realize a measurable ROI from their CRM systems. Rick McCutcheon of VARCoach presented how VARS can best plan the implementation of CRM into their business and how to best sell CRM to their customers. Rick offers several courses to help VARS get into the CRM game and win. He was also one of the Keynote speakers at the recent Microsoft CRM launch. Click to Enlarge

The event was spotted with numerous social networking opportunities that put VARS and vendors face to face to get to know each other and carve out partnerships. This time everyone entered the ChannelNext Curling Competition. With over 98% of the delegates trying out Curling for the first time, it was indeed a fun experience.

One of the biggest news stories at ChannelNext East was the launch of ecnTV by e-ChannelNEWS. The entire event was videotaped for web streaming through the ecn news portal. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Video is worth a million. Delegates never have to worry because all video will be edited so whatever happens at ChannelNext, stays at ChannelNext. Watch the ecnTV video and get the inside scoop of what really happened at ChannelNext.