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ChannelNext West 2017
Kananaskis, AB, October 16-17, 2017

Taking Control of your Microsoft Business

Navigating the new Microsoft partner program is no easy task but it can be simplified. We will show you how you can leverage the new partner program and actually make more revenues from selling Microsoft’s products. As the digital transformation of business takes route, we can help you to leverage the powerful suite of Microsoft’s products to get you a bigger piece of the digital pie.

Presented by: Sherweb

The Mechanics of the IT Business

When the check engine light goes on in your car, you have choices: Ignore it and keep driving. Outcome? Maybe you will be OK, maybe you won’t. Better take it to a mechanic. They will plug in a diagnostic tool, and figure out the issue and fix it. The problem with business is that we don’t have that check engine light. In this session, we will help you to run some diagnostics to help you gauge the health of your business before the breakdown.

Presented by: Randal Wark, VARMasterMind
Duration: 30 minutes

Top 10 Secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs

There are about 30 moving parts to being a successful VAR/MSP/ITSP business. In this session, we will review the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs. The findings were compiled after speaking to hundreds of the most successful VARs and MSPs, so you can learn from their collective success. You will find at least one thing of value to help you improve your business!

Presented by: Julian Lee, President TechnoPlanet
Duration: 30 minutes

The 5 Channel Trends you must exploit to future-proof your Business

It seems like everything-as-a-service will be a big part of the channel’s future. Cloud, Managed Services, Mobility, Big Data and The Internet Of Things, are just some of the key trends that will accelerate the market towards. This new way of doing business digitally, dictates the way the IT channel sells and delivers technology solutions. Most VARs and MSPs have already started the transition of their business model. Know the key trends that are actually disrupting the channel and how you can best overcome the challenges and exploit the new opportunities to remain successful.

Presented by: Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet
Duration: 30 minutes

Social Selling is the Future

In today’s world, thought-leadership matters in your social networks and community. Leveraging the right approach to social selling is like having a customized blueprint for business success. In this session we will look at how to fully leverage the power of LinkedIn Social Platform - the “Facebook” for Professionals - to grow your professional network.

This Masterclass workshop will demonstrate how to leverage LinkedIn to

  • Be seen as an “Industry Thought Leader “
  • Grow your business network
  • Create an effective public portfolio
  • Get professional recommendations
  • Generate an limitless supply of business contacts and referrals

Presented by: Rick McCutcheon, Masterclass
Duration: 30 minutes

Stories from the Big Book of Backup

The Genesis of Backup starts us off on a Journey through Technology challenges, personal philosophy and how Human and Computer interaction has reshaped the narrative of data protection & recovery. Data Protection and Security is not all - Doom and Gloom.  We intend to highlight the positive outcomes of a great recovery experience, and how this can help you influence your next conversation.

Presented by: Keith Young, Backup Artist, Solarwinds
Duration: 30 minutes

The Power of a MasterMind Group

If you have already experienced a Mastermind group, then you probably know about its powerful benefits. Collaborating with a group of like-minded people is magical, especially when combined with dedicated business experts to guide you through the proper Mastermind process. At this event, you will experience a Mastermind session and several Masterclasses so you can see of yourself exactly how this can help you. This is now the core of the new ChannelNEXT conferences! See Delegates will be assigned to groups of 8 to 10. Each group will be given a business challenge and some guidance from our coaches. The groups brainstorm and come up with solution ideas. The goal is to show how the power of a group of like-minded business leaders can solve real business challenges. You will take away some great ideas that can help you solve problems that matters most to you!

Presented by: The VARMastermind Team of Coaches
Duration: 90 minutes

Is Your Digital Footprint Helping Or Hurting You?

The Internet is where your clients are learning, researching and buying IT solutions every day. Your web site and digital presence on the Internet are what customers use to evaluate your company every day. It’s your digital destination for your customers and prospects! How good is your digital presence, your website, content, monitoring, management, search ranking and social media? What do you really need to do to have the best digital footprint? See for an example...

Presented by: VARCoach
Duration: 30 minutes

Being told your MSP offering is too expensive? Learn how you can use backup to overcome that objection

Datto partners are some of the fastest growing MSP’s in the channel. The biggest objection any MSP gets tends to be about price. How can you change the conversation from "you’re too expensive" to "where do I sign?" We have the best-kept Sales process secret in the industry. At the end of the session, not only will you change the conversation with your end users but you will have the best free sales tools designed for all MSPs. Please join us to learn these best practices and grow your business

Presented by: Christine Gassmann, Datto
Duration: 30 minutes

Sales Rep-as-a-Service (SRaaS)

Almost every VAR, MSP or Solution Provider has one major problem in common... to find the right sales people! A bad sales rep hire can be an enormous cost to any company. The hiring process, recruitment costs and on-boarding takes a lot of time, effort and money. Typically it takes a company about 3 months to figure out if a sales rep is any good. Longer if the rep is an expert in deceit. The resulting damage to a company can go far beyond to include customer loss, reputation of your company, moral of the company and dismissal costs. SRaaS may be the answer to this daunting challenge. SRaaS is about outsourcing a qualified dedicated sales rep that is ready to hit the ground running for your company. You can pay-as-you-go for as long as you need to measure the results. Or, they can hire the right sales rep exclusively for your company and completely onboard/train them for up to 3 months, while the rep is selling! They get your sales rep 100% up and running before they walk in your door. Of course, you can also choose to continue to pay-as-you-go for the sales rep as an outsource service so you never have to worry about management, payroll, source deductions, insurance, benefits, vacation, equipment costs etc. You can simply stop the SRaaS at anytime without any problems. If you already have sales reps but would like them to perform better, then ask about our training boot camps whereby we rebuild them into sales champions. You can explore SRaaS at ChannelNEXT.

Presented by: Karim Ayache, BlueRhino, VARCoach
Duration: 30 minutes

Only Multi-Vector Protection Can Keep Your Clients Secure

Single-vector endpoint protection can only stop threats at one stage of an attack, but even more challenges arise as today’s cybercriminals combine a range of threat technologies to attack businesses and their clients in stages, from multiple angles—or VECTORS. In this session, we will dive into the complexities of modern cyber threats and why only multi-vector protection can keep today’s businesses secure through the various stages of a cyberattack, across multiple vectors.

Presented by: Craig Papke, Sales Engineer, Webroot

Four Transition Paths to Success for VARs and MSPs

You will get deeper insights into the 4 directions that every VAR and MSP must take towards success. Every VAR and MSP falls into one of four types, each with a different set of challenges and paths towards the ultimate success. Knowing which path you should be on will help you to better focus your efforts to future proof your business and remain relevant in the future generation of the channel. When you are on the right business path, you will make more profits and enjoy the experience a lot more.

Presented by: VARCoach
Duration: 30 minutes

Diagnosing and Fixing your Digital Marketing Strategy

Buyer behaviour has changed and the digital world continues to be an evolving landscape. Even for experts, digital marketing is confusing. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed; especially since it seems like the targets are constantly moving in unpredictable patterns.  Diagnosing and Fixing your Digital Marketing Strategy will teach you:

1 How to diagnose your digital marketing problems

2 How to prioritize your digital marketing efforts

3 Why you need a sound digital strategy if you want to drive more leads and sales to your business.

Using personal stories, and interactive worksheets, Marie makes learning easy and entertaining. You’ll learn how a text to her husband about what to have for dinner led to buying a 1978 VW Campervan. More importantly, you’ll learn why this matters and how it’s indicative of the modern customer and the human component of what you do online to build trust and relationships.

Presented by: Marie Wiese, President of Marketing CoPilot
Duration: 45 minutes

Branding and Culture

What is the branding and culture of your company? Why is this important? In the section you will go through an exercise that will help you to define a variety of elements that best represent who you are and what your do. It will help you to better define your message to present the best possible image of your brand and build more success.

Presented by: Randal Wark, VARMasterMind Masterclass
Duration: 30 minutes

Ransomware, Phishing, and other Advanced Threats – Avoid Falling Victim to these Cyber Attacks

Email security is no longer just about preventing excessive spam and viruses – the attacks are real, they are sophisticated, and they are costly. Nearly every day there is a new story about malware. A lot of it is ransomware, which can cost an organization dearly. Ransomware is growing at a rapid pace and has been since early 2015. This has created an immense financial gain for the perpetrators and hackers committing these crimes and attacks. There were 60 variants of ransomware in 2016 alone and that number is projected to skyrocket to 125 throughout 2017. Join Barracuda’s Sales Director, Chuck Kindrick, to review these threats and best practices for the channel to address them.

Presented by: Barracuda
Duration: 30 minutes