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London, December 7th, 2017
6th Annual Channel Manager Summit
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
2017 Reseller Choice Awards
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
ChannelNext East 2018
April 9, 10, 2018
ChannelNext Central 2018
June 4,5, 2018
Fall 2018
ChannelNext West 2018
BC, October 22-23, 2018
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Fall 2018

One Day. Hot Topics. More Profits!

Choose from our Face-to-Face or Web Seminars:

Choose from our one-day Face-to-Face or series of Webinars:

Face-to-Face one-day Events:

MORNING SESSION: 9:00am to noon

In the morning session, you will start with an update on the current state and future of the channel as thousands of VARs, MSPs and ITSPs shift towards a recurring revenue business model. We will share some success stories so you can learn from the best and avoid costly pitfalls. The race is on for VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to remain relevant in the future so let’s get started!

Presented by: See below for each presenter
Duration: See below for details

The 10 Trends That Are Molding The Next Generation Channel And Your Future

As Everything-as-a-Service and recurring revenue becomes the gold standard for measuring successful MSPs, ITSPs, VARs and CSPs, what are the trends that you want to exploit before your competition gets there first! After monitoring the channel with data from 65,000 + channel partners and 4,000 + vendors and distributors, we have compiled the top 15 trends that channel partners must leverage to remain successful and relevant.

Presented by: Julian Lee, President TechnoPlanet
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A)

The 10 Secrets of the most successful MSPs, VARs and ITSPs

After working with an interviewing hundreds of the most successful MSPs, VARs and MSPs, we have uncovered the common secrets to their success. We will share them with you. We may even get a few to come share their experience with you directly. You want to know these secrets because it can help you focus for success and avoid costly mistakes.

Presented by: Julian Lee, President TechnoPlanet
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A)

10 Must-Sell Managed Services / Recurring Revenue Solutions

In this session, we will have 10 vendors do a 5-minute rapid presentation about their specific Managed Service, followed by a 30 minutes Q& A for 30 minutes where you can ask any question to any vendor. (You can also vote for your favourite vendor pitch and we will hand out an award.) Vendors will be encouraged to offer a very special deal to all attendees as a thank-you for listening to them.

Presented by: 10 different As-a-Service Vendors (TBA)
Duration: 60 minutes + 30 minutes Q&A

Finding The Right Tools To Run Your MSP, VAR, ITSP Business

Some of the biggest challenges for any MSP, VAR or ITSP are in improving their business processes to efficiently streamline their operations, increase productivity and grow more sales. You need the right tools for the job. Regardless if you have some or all of these tools, you will find something of value to help you move the needle forward on your success. Select vendors will be showcasing their tools

Presented by: Various Vendors / VAROfficeSuite
Duration: 30 minutes

Best Practice Business Assessment

Before you can attend these sessions, you must complete the Best Business Practice Assessment Test at This will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as which Training Path is right for you!

Presented by: Best Managed IT Companies
Duration: Pre-Event Exercise

Transition Path ($1,295 per person)

The VAR MasterMind Transition Path is a step by step course to help a VAR transition to an MSP. Transform into a recurring revenue model today.
Business Vision Creation
MSP Transition Process
Building a Service Catalogue
Converting Clients
Fundamental Sales Skills
Building a Service Desk

Presented by: VARCoach Multiple Coaches
Duration: 4 hours

Traction Path ($1,295 per person)

The VAR MasterMind Traction Path is designed to help your business get some traction and start moving in the right direction…FORWARD!
Business Vision Adoption
Leveraging the Right Tools
Keys to Customer Service
Finding the Right Clients
Customer Onboarding
Intermediate Sales Skills

Presented by: VARCoach Multiple Coaches
Duration: 4 hours

Growth Path ($1,295 per person)

The VAR MasterMind Growth Path will help grow your business and deal with the growing pains. Get ready to SUPERSIZE your business!
Marketing & Branding
Social Media Strategy
Hiring & Retaining Top Talent
Advanced Sales Skills
Strategic Partnerships
Customer Service

Presented by: VARCoach Multiple Coaches
Duration: 4 hours

Optimization Path ($1,295 per person)

The VAR MasterMind Optimization Path will strengthen core aspects of your business and help employees bring your vision to fruition.
Streamline Processes
Sales/CRM Optimization
Service Desk Optimization
Improving Productivity
Customer Retention
IP Development Strategy

Presented by: VARCoach Multiple Coaches
Duration: 4 hours

Why are we uniquely qualified to get this job done?

After doing channel events for the past 15 years, developing channel programs for over 30 years and working with VARs, MSPs and ITSPs on their e-commerce platform for the past 15 years, our team truly understands what MSP,s VARs and ITSPs really need and how to deliver. See what we do in the channel:,,,,,,,,, and

Presented by: VARTrends/MSPTrends, Division of TechnoPlanet
Duration: One Day