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ChannelNext East 2017
Esterel Resort, QC, April 24-25, 2017

FIVE BIG CHANGES to ChannelNEXT in 2017! We listened. We changed. Thank you for your input to help make ChannelNEXT the best channel conference for another 15 years!

1. Less Similar-Type Vendors:

We are reducing the number of same-type vendors exhibiting at ChannelNEXT. As more Cloud vendors enter the market, we are seeing many vendors pitching similar solutions. This can be confusing! This is why we will be doing more pre-qualification to ensure only vendors with best-in-class and channel friendly vendors may exhibit. That means showcasing less vendors but a wider variety!

2. More Business Skills Content:

We will focus a lot more on educational and interactive “mastermind” content. Expect that our conferences will have 2/3 educational to 1/3 vendor content ratio. Delegates are asking for more practical advice on best business practices to improve their game. They are not looking for entry-level basic content. We are also introducing our MasterMind group sessions for the first time where you get to work with a group of your peers and coaches to solve current problems. We strongly recommend coming prepared to these sessions by taking this FREE Business Business Practice Assessment at Know what you do not know so you know what you need...

3. Pre-Booked One-On-One Meetings between VARs/MSPs and Vendors, regardless if either party is attending the full 2-day conference:

Another new feature at the ChannelNEXT event is the one-on-one meetings between VARs/MSPs and Vendors, regardless if either party attends the entire 2-day event! Vendors can use this service to book meetings with channel partner prospects who want to meet them without exhibiting at the event! Likewise, VARs and MSPs can book meetings with vendors regardless if they decide to attend the full 2-day conference. These pre-booked one-on-one meetings will take place in the morning of day 1 and in the afternoon on day 2 of the event. We know that both VARs/MSPs and Vendors prefer to meet each other when there is a predetermined right fit. This feature will save both sides a lot of time and energy! Use the registration form of the event that you wish to meet at and simply enter up to 5 vendors that you wish to meet. Note: Vendors using this service are not allowed to be part of the main ChannelNEXT event. VARs and MSPs are welcome to also attend the full 2-day event if they register by selecting the 2-day option.

4. Business Skills BootCamps After-Event:

VARs and MSPs can choose to attend a selection of bootcamps (and invite other employees from their company, when appropriate). These bootcamps will cover various topics such as Social Selling, Digital Marketing, Leadership, HR, Financial Management, NOC Optimization, Customer Satisfaction/Retention, Succession, Selling/Merging Business and CRM. Companies can choose any bootcamp that they wish to attend. Not all bootcamps will be available at every ChannelNEXT event as they are offered on a demand basis. Each bootcamp costs between $299 to $499. We also offer these bootcamps in various cities at a cost between $599 and $999. In addition, we will be offering 4 Business Transition 2-day coaching session.  If you are interested, please select "contact us" through and complete the form by checking off the coaching category of your choice. You will be notified of the details.

5. More Vendor “Matchmaking” On Demand:

How will we bring you more vendors to explore and build partnerships with if we have a limit at our event? Maybe you already know that our main business is building partner ecosystems for Vendors which includes partner recruitment and empowerment. We do channel partner development for over 100 vendors in any given year. Many more vendors leverage specific channel programs with us. Plus, our news media team are in touch with over 4,000 other technology companies as they review, do news articles and explore opportunities. As such, we can help match you with the right vendors. When we understand exactly what you are looking for, then we can better match and connect you with the right vendors - instead of randomly exploring at our events. Currently, every ChannelNext event generates hundreds of partnerships but that only represents less than 5% of the partnerships we build. The vast majority of vendors that we currently promote offer some type of Recurring Revenue/Managed Services. We would welcome a conversation to learn more about you, what you do and what you need. Or, simply send us an e-mail listing your key markets, key vendors and what you are looking for. The matchmaking referrals are 100% FREE for VARs and MSPs. Reach out to us at!

Here are a few highlights of the upcoming ChannelNEXT event:

1. The theme is about best business practices and building more sustainable recurring revenue
2. Come prepared so you know what you need - take the FREE best business practice assessment at
3. Check out the coaching sessions on social selling, digital marketing and the 4 business transition paths to success
4. Meet and pick the brains of some of the coaches
5. Know the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs that we have compiled from our community of 65,000 companies in 6 countries
6. Exchange ideas and build partnerships with your peers
7. Explore partnerships with some top vendors with 100% channel-friendly recurring revenue opportunities
8. Experience a MasterMind group session to see how you can solve any problem with group power.
9. All meals and drinks are included. If you need overnight accomodation we provide a special group rate.
10. Some fun entertainment!

We pack a lot into the two days to help you build your network and grow your business!

If you would like to meet any specific vendor, please let us know. We are always open to adjusting our vendor line up or content or inviting specific vendors to come meet you!

If it is impossible to attend this once-a-year event, plan for next year. However, at least do the free business assessment at (if you have not already done it). It is 100% FREE and it will help you improve your business in so many ways... Hear what other MSPs and VARs say. If you score high enough you can also win a Canada’s Best Managed IT Companies Award!

Voted #1 Independent Channel Conference 5th Year in a Row!

ChannelNext is honoured to have been voted the #1 independent channel event in Canada for 5 years in a row (by The Canadian Reseller Choice Awards). Come experience ChannelNEXT and see yourself!

As you may know, we are on a mission to help VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business. This conference is one part of what we do to help VARs and MSPs to reach these goals. After 15 years of doing these events, we know that it has helped many VARs and MSPs grow successfully. Some tell us by as much as 30%!

ChannelNEXT is the Channel event, where numerous networking opportunities are provided for vendors, distributors, VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to meet, learn and define their partnerships. You will learn how to build a bigger, better and stronger business! This is how you grow your business and make more profits! We know the investment of your time is extremely valuable, so you must take home significant value. It is what you expect and we promise to deliver!

We will be showcasing a variety of vendors who are offering recurring revenue opportunities including: Cloud/SaaS, Business Continuity, Security, Mobility and just about every type of Managed Service. We will present some best practices for running a Network Operations Centre. You will see the best Remote Monitoring and Management and Service Automation solutions. We are also launching a fully integrated business automation solution for VARs and MSPs. The event will also highlight our latest mission, VAR Office Suite, a one-stop resource to better streamline, manage and market your businesses. Some of the leading hardware vendors will also be there. Other channel opportunities for Internet Of Things and Big Data will be discussed.

So, if you are looking for some help to grow your business profitably, then this VIP event may be the perfect fit for you!


Why Attend?

  1. Learn about the latest best-practices to build your business profitably and sustainably. It is all about building a recurring revenue business model!

  2. Out-smart and out-play your competition by staying at the forefront of the leading trends.

  3. Meet leading vendors and distributors face-to-face to develop stronger relationships and profitable partnerships.

  4. Learn from the best business experts and "pick their brains" to help you improve! Explore BestManagedITCompanies, VAR Office Suite, VARCoach and VARMasterMind - powerful resources for you to find everything you need to learn, streamline, manage and market your business better.

  5. Network with other leading VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to get real-world ideas and collaborate!

  6. It is FREE for qualified VARs, MSPs and ITSPs to attend. We pay for your food, drink, social activities and entertainment. All you have to do is make your way to the event and pay for your hotel room!

Your Role

As a ChannelNext VIP, your attendance and participation is crucial to the success of the event. Only individuals who are willing to commit their time and energy will be considered for attendance:

  • You must be either the President, Owner, Senior Management or Senior Buyer.
  • You must attend and participate in ALL scheduled appointments and special events.
  • You must be punctual and adhere to your schedule.
  • You are strongly encouraged to provide feedback, insight, and ask relevant questions. (The more you engage, the more you will get from the event.)

Decision Makers Must Attend

For you to get the most value from attending the ChannelNext event, only decision makers from your company must attend. CEO, President, Owner, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, and Senior Buyer are expected.



What You Get

Participants are carefully selected and invited to participate based on their business model, experience in the industry, sales and growth potential. If you are qualified, you will receive the following:

  • Special group rate for overnight accommodations in a resort hotel. (Available 3 days prior and after the event.)
  • Complimentary entrance to all VIP social events, including Speed Introduction, Reception, Breakfast, Lunches and Dinner.
  • Complimentary dinner invitation for your spouse or partner.
  • Gifts from participating vendors
  • Conference guide compiled with detailed information about all attending vendors