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VARTrends UK 2016
Grand Connaught Rooms, London, Sept. 27-28, 2016

VARTrends, MSPTrends and Transmentum Business Coaches team up to support British VARs, MSPs and Solution Providers build bigger, better and stronger businesses!

Learn what the next generation of leading channel partners are already doing to be successful! The conference focus is 100% on learning the best business practices to better streamline, manage and market your company while building sustainable recurring revenue.

Come see why this is NOT a typical channel event loaded with vendor sales pitches. Experience this two-day event and judge it for yourself.

Speakers include:l

•               Julian Lee, President, TechnoPlanet

•               Adam Harris, Director of Transition, Transmentum

•               Alex Tatham, Managing Director, WestCoast

•                Carl West, Supply Chain Director, GfK

•               Richard Tubb, Owner Tubb Blog

•               Paul Fileman, Director, Transmentum

•               Stewart Boutcher, CEO, 650 Hours

•               Steve Potts, Director, Transmentum

•               Jim Wiggin, Director, Transmentum

•               Kevin Kirwan, Senior Coach, Transmentum

•               Sham Miah, Webroot

And more being added accordingly. Together, these speakers will deliver high-value content and energize your business.

Is your Business future-proof? Top 12 Channel Trends that will drive your Future!

In this session, we will review the top 12 trends that are molding the channel’s future and how VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, Vendors and Distributor will be affected! You may be surprised as to what you learn about your company’s preparedness to meet the demands of the future.

Are you on the right Path to be successful in the Future Channel?

It is clear to even the skeptics that the way the IT Channel does business has changed and will never be the same. A big driver is the way end-users are consuming technology. Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD/Mobility are also some of the key trends that are fuelling this permanent change. Internet Of Things and Big Data are poised to fuel this transition further.

Your business will need to be part of this transformation in order to remain relevant. Even companies that have already begun this journey will have challenges. Get the latest insights on the current challenges for MSPs and how to overcome!

This event will help you to get on the right path to success and if you are already on the right path, it will help you to accelerate much faster!

You will hear about the current state of the IT channel and see exactly what it means for your future. Explore some of the best practices and solutions that you can use to evolve your business and remain successful.

Is your Business strong enough to be one of UK’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies?

Take the business assessment test to find out! The test is FREE and you will get a FREE confidential report of your business strengths and weaknesses. If you score high enough, you may be recognised as one of UK’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies! Either way, you will know how you compare with best practices of the most successful VARs, MSPs and ITSPs in the World. You can learn more at the event from our Business coaches. See

Five Examples of what you will explore:

1. Digital and Social Marketing: How to leverage and get an ROI from digital marketing.

2. How to evaluate your business and get best financial support.

3. What is keeping you up at night? The peer group sessions will help you solve your business nightmares.

4. How to hire and keep the best employees.

5. How to build a bigger, better and stronger recurring revenue business model.


Six Resources available to help you grow your Business:

1 (a.k.a. Over 30 tools and services to help any VAR, MSP, or ITSP to streamline, manage and market their entire business.

2 An online resource with a weekly newsletter packed with relevant information to teach VARs, MSPs and ITSPs how to build a stronger business.

3 (a.k.a. Virtual or face-to-face meetings, where VARs, MSPs and ITSPs get to connect with the people who offer these tools and services. It is also a place where everyone can ask questions and exchange ideas to help their business.

4 : Small groups of 10 VARs, MSPs or ITSPs work together throughout one year to exchange ideas, support each other while being professionally guided to success by six of the best business coaches.

5 : UK-based business Coaches to help you to transform your business into a greater success.

6 : Get a free assessment of your business strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a free report for you to build your path to success. If you score high enough, you could win UK’s Best 50 Managed IT Companies Award!

Five Examples of what you will explore:

1. Digital Image: Improve your web image with a better web site with or without full e-commerce functionality. 

2. Digital and Social Marketing: Generate qualified sales leads while building thought-leadership.

3. Customer Relationship Management: Improve the usage of your CRM by your sales team and grow your sales.

4. HR: How to hire and keep the best employees.

5. Management: Learn from the best Coaches in the industry to improve your leadership and empower team.

Nine Things that you will take home:

1. Know your business strengths and weaknesses.

2. A focused business vision to help you achieve your future success faster.

3. An understanding of all the moving parts that drives the most successful companies.

4. Tools and tips to help your sales team to close more sales and retain customers longer.

5. Deeper understanding and partnership opportunities for top three trends (Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD/Mobility) to help you build a sustainable recurring revenue business model.

6. Latest digital tactics to grow your customer base through social marketing, search engine marketing (at a geo-local level), blogging with original content, e-newsletter and a virtual content management and distribution tool designed for the channel.

7. Know how to build a new and improved Managed Services Business 2.0 with sustainable recurring revenues.

8. New ideas and insights from your peers and the best channel experts.

9. A personalized roadmap to improve your business.


Are you still unsure if this is right for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Why are you in business?

2. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

3. Where will you be in 5 years, if you continue as usual?

4. Do you have all of the best practices and knowledge to run your business?

5. How do you compare with the most successful VARs and MSPs?

Unfortunately, most business owners are simply too busy working IN their business instead of ON their business. This event will be one small, yet giant step in the right directing for helping you to learn how to run your business instead of having your business run you.

Cannot physically attend the event? Then learn virtually…Fill out our form here and we will send you invitations on upcoming webinars being held every week!