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VAR Office Suite @ ChannelCON
Chicago, IL, Aug. 3-5, 2015

How well are you prepared to be the Next Generation IT Solution Provider, VAR or MSP?

The way the IT Channel does business is changing forever, because the way the end-user is consuming technology has changed!  Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD/Mobility are some of the key trends, that are fuelling this permanent change.

You can review the research data and expert advice in the news media to validate this fact on your own. There is simply no going back to the old ways of doing business. If you have not already noticed the change... it is only a matter of time when it will affect you.

This is simply the biggest change that the IT channel has ever undergone in its history. How will you face these challenges and remain successful in the future?

Our mission is to help VARs and MSPs to build bigger, better and stronger companies within a recurring revenue business model.

  • Streamline, manage and market an entire business with over 30 of the best independent tools and services - you pick the tool(s) you need the most.
  • Exploit the latest trends to grow your business.
  • Develop a profitable recurring revenue business model with sustainable growth.

Learn your way…meet us at a Face-to-Face Event or attend one of our webinars.

Four resources that you should get to know:

  1. (also known as Over 30 tools and services to help any VAR, MSP, or ITSP to streamline, manage and market their entire business.
  1. An online resource with a weekly newsletter packed with relevant information to teach VARs, MSPs and ITSPs how to build a stronger business.
  1. (also knows as The virtual or face-to-face meetings where VARs, MSPs and ITSPs get to meet the people who offer the tools and services to help them build their business. It is also a place where everyone can ask questions and exchange ideas to help their business.
  1. Join a group of VARs and MSPs to exchange business ideas and share best practices, but with a group of professional business coaches to help you do it right!

Still not sure if is right for you? Ask yourself a simple question:

Why are you in business?

Is it to make enough money so you can be financially free? Is it because you prefer to work for yourself? Is it to help other companies grow their businesses with the technology solutions that you offer? Is it to employ people and contribute to your community?

It is a simple question, but one that most business owners forget to ask themselves. Regardless of your personal reason for being in the IT industry, we will assume that you would be interested in building a stronger business, increasing your net worth and making more money with recurring revenues.

Unfortunately, most IT solution providers neglect their own businesses, as they are too busy trying to fix their client businesses. Too busy working IN their business instead of ON their business. In reality, if they were to make their own business more efficient, then they would actually be in a better position to help their clients and make more money in the process.

You really do need to run your business, not have your business running you!

Take the first step...Come and meet us at this event or attend our webinars!