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VARTrends Sydney 2013
Sydney, Australia Sept. 9th 2013

How well are you prepared to be the next generation IT Reseller, Solution Provider, VAR or MSP?

The way the IT channel does business is changing forever. Reviewing all of the market data and expert advice in the news media and industry will help you to validate this fact. There is simply no going back to the old ways of business as usual. It is only a matter of when it will affect you, if it has not already begun. Cloud, Managed Services, BYOD and Mobility are some of the key trends that are fuelling this permanent change. As the next generation of "native" Internet users enters the workforce, this change will exponentially expand. This is simply the biggest change that the IT channel has ever undergone in its history. It fundamentally affects the way the channel does business because these trends are affecting the way business end-users are using, learning and buying technology solutions.

At this VARTrends event, you will learn about the current state of the IT channel and see exactly what it means for VARs in the future. If you agree with the challenges facing your company, then explore some of the best practices and solutions that you can use to evolve your business into the next generation VAR. You can also take a business-health test to learn how well your company is prepared for the future. It is free to attend. There is no obligation whatsoever. This is mission critical information that every reseller needs to know.

In just one day, you will learn about the hottest trends in the channel and how to exploit them to make the most money. Learn how to streamline your business to save time and cost. Learn how to market and build your business every day of the year.

VARTrends has three objectives:
1. Explore the key trends that are causing the channel to change the way it does business in the future
2. Show VARs, (including MSPs, Solution Providers or IT Consulting businesses) now to evolve their business model to meet the challenges and exploit the latest trends to grow their business
3. Help VARs to streamline, manage and market their entire business to become more successful well into the future

Our ultimate goal is to educate VARs how to develop a profitable recurring revenue business model with sustainable growth.

Experience the VAROfficeSuite exclusively at VARTrends!

VAROfficeSuite is composed of 12 tools with over 30 connected solutions to help any VAR, MSP, Solution Provider or IT Consulting business to streamline, manage and market their entire business! See www.varofficesuite.com for more details. It has been in development for over 10 years!

This event is all about delivering high-value content through best-practice educational seminars and workshops. It delivers a true how-to educational experience instead of a corporate sales pitch.

All participating vendors have been carefully vetted to determine their benefits and value to the channel. We are 100% confident that all our attending partners will be able to significantly help any VAR (including MSPs, Solution Providers and IT Consulting businesses) to improve and build their business.

It is our mission to help participating VARs to grow their business by as much as 30% by adopting the VAROfficeSuite solutions that they see at VARTrends.

It is very clear that to achieve sustainable growth in the IT channel, it is imperative that Solution Providers, VARs and MSPs remain at the forefront of the latest channel trends. Today, Online, Cloud, Managed Services and BYOD/Mobility are some of the hottest channel trends. This one-day conference will showcase some of the best solutions that are leading these trends as well as the best practices in which successful VARs are currently using to profit from these trends. That said, to properly exploit these trends, VARs must also have the right infrastructure to operate and market the business opportunities efficiently.

You will learn how you can leverage powerful integrated Cloud SaaS tools for real-time B2B e-commerce, e-quotes, e-procurement, service automation, CRM and remote management monitoring (RMM) to streamline, market and grow business. You can evaluate if you should replace all or just parts of their current infrastructure to better operate your entire businesses.

You will also see IT Asset Management, IT Risk and Opportunity Assessment, CRM, Accounting, Web Marketing, Managed Service, Cloud and BYOD Solutions that will help you to manage and grow your businesses.

All participating VARs will also learn how to market business every day by leveraging a suite of powerful Internet tools including Social Media and Search Engine Marketing.

As the online channel continues to grow year over year (especially as the next generation of “native” Internet users enter the workforce and naturally embrace m-Commerce), it is becoming mission-critical for VARs to have an effective online presence and understand how to leverage the Internet as a business tool. Since cloud, managed services and mobile devices leverage the Internet, online-savvy VARs are well poised to exploit these and other emerging trends.

The event is also filled with networking opportunities to help build stronger relationships between you and our partners.

For VARs to get the most value from this event, only key decision makers should attend.

Come get the inside scoop on the tools, best practices and solutions that will help ANY VAR (that includes VARs, MSPs, Solution Providers and IT Consulting businesses) gain a significant advantage over their competition!

Social Media Boot Camp at VARTrends!

Ask about our Social Media Boot-Camp for VARS that will be running concurrently on the dates of the VARTrends events. Sign up your team to attend this Boot-Camp as it will help you to better exploit social media to grow your business every day!