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Message from Sherweb

SherWeb Offers Help for Microsoft Advisors at Channel Next

Many Microsoft Advisors were left out in the cold after the company announced it would end commissions for its Advisor program on June 30, 2017. Microsoft pulled the plug on the sell and accelerator incentives of this program, which meant Advisors could no longer earn commissions for Office 365 as a Partner of Record (POR).

While this news came as a big blow, it was also seen as a great opportunity for Advisors to rethink their business strategy for Office 365. In fact, it’s the perfect time for Advisors to create new ways to drive profits by adding more value-added services to their business.

SherWeb promoted a special program at Channel Next that makes it easier for Advisors to transfer their Office 365 clients to SherWeb’s Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) and manage their accounts.

15% Commission in Year One

Microsoft Advisors who sell Office 365 under SherWeb’s CSP program can benefit from free technical support and onboarding services plus a streamlined billing process. Advisors who transfer their Office 365 clients to SherWeb, will receive 15% commission in the first year plus a recurring commission of 5% every month. SherWeb will match Microsoft’s price for Office 365.

In addition, we’re offering all Canadian and US partners up to $10 credit for every Office 365 seat provisioned when they sign up a new organization. All sales have to be finalized by November 30, 2016.

SheWeb has developed a free import tool will allow PORs to automatically transfer all their clients to SherWeb’s partner portal in a few easy steps. Aside from streamlining this process, the new import tool automatically verifies contract renewal dates and provisions the new Office 365 subscription.

About SherWeb

Founded in 1998, SherWeb is a leading cloud hosting provider in North America. The company currently has more than 25,000 customers in more than 100 countries who benefit from the added value of its wide range of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS solutions. SherWeb also has a growing network of 5,000 partners. For more information, visit