VARTrends UK
London, December 7th, 2017
6th Annual Channel Manager Summit
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
2017 Reseller Choice Awards
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
ChannelNext East 2018
April 9, 10, 2018
ChannelNext Central 2018
June 4,5, 2018
Fall 2018
ChannelNext West 2018
BC, October 22-23, 2018
"Let ChannelNext help you develop and execute your next private reseller, end-user or corporate event"
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Why Vendors Participate

1) Recruit New Channel Partners From 100% Qualified Decision Makers

At each event you will meet and network with he decision makers of at least 50 of the fastest growing VARS in the target region. We invite VARS from top 500. If these VARS are not selling your products today, then you are missing a huge sales opportunity. Signing up just a few of these partners will more than pay for your participation!

2) Build Stronger Relationships And Partnerships With VARS (And Distributors)

Building stronger partnerships requires stronger relationships with the decision makers. Meeting your partners face-to-face during breakfasts, lunches, dinners, hospitality suites, seminars, meeting rooms and your booth will allow you to get to know them better. You get many networking opportunities to meet the VARS during the event.

3) Efficient Use Of Your Time

These events are one or two days maximum and are designed to help you get the job done in the least amount of time possible. By also limiting the number of vendors who attend, you get more face-time with the VARS.

4) Outstanding Channel News Media Coverage

With, and covering the entire event with editors and video interviews onsite, you are sure to extend your message to over 20,000 channel subscribers in Canada. In other countries, we collaborate with local channel news media partners to help get your message to more VARS. You also get more news coverage through our post-event e-newsletter that is sent to all the target VARS in each region.

5) Participation Is Affordable

Three simply levels of participation to fit any budget - Bronze, Silver and Gold. See info kit for details. You get an ALL-Inclusive package deal so there are no surprises. You can also enhance your exposure with a keynote speech, sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner, badges, event bags, host a workshop, add advertisements in conference guide and/or advertise on You can combine several sponsorship activities to build the most effective in-person and online integrated channel marketing program. With over 12 events in 3 continents and growing, you can make a "multi-country" package deals to get even more for your budget.

For more information on package deals, please contact Marie-Claude Rouleau at 877-874-1232.

6) Get Valuable Market Feedback On Your Channel Programs And Products

Find out directly from the VARS who buy and sell your products what they like and dislike about your channel programs and products. Use this information to improve your channel strategy and programs.

7) Customize Your Participation To Fit Your Needs

While the structure of our event is already perfectly suited for you to get the best results, you can customize further to meet your additional needs. Use the events to host your own private partner event within our event. Invite your current partners or other prospects to come meet you privately while you are at our event. Add your private hospitality suite, dinner or seminar. There are no limits as to what you can do to make this your own event platform in the target countries.

8) Proven Track Record With The Best Event Team

After ten years in organizing these events, we still continue to fine-tune it to deliver the best possible experience and results for our vendors and VARS. From our personalized pre-event planning to professional on-site event management to our after-event customer service, we are truly with you 100% of the way. Find out why 98% of our attendees want to come again to our events!

9) Learn Successful Channel Strategies From Other Vendors

Most vendors have similar channel development goals to yours. During the various social networking activities, you can exchange ideas with your peers to learn their secrets of success.

10) Over 12 Events To Cover The Key Markets In Canada, USA, Europe And Australia

We do three events every year to cover Eastern, Central and Western Canada. Four events for USA. Two events for Australia and three for Europe. At each event we bring together the best VARS from each target region to meet you. We also do specialized events for Apple, retail and other markets. We are adding new events each year for Vendors who are looking for more face-to-face contact with channel partners.