VARTrends UK
London, December 7th, 2017
6th Annual Channel Manager Summit
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
2017 Reseller Choice Awards
Toronto, February 1st, 2018
ChannelNext East 2018
April 9, 10, 2018
ChannelNext Central 2018
June 4,5, 2018
ChannelNext West 2018
BC, October 22-23, 2018
Winter 2019
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What People Are Saying
Always worth my time to go to these events. Great networking as always and a fresh take on many vendors I thought I knew.
The ChannelNext event was a wonderful success! Thank you to each of you for your kindness, courtesy, generosity and hard work. The reseller turn out was excellent, and the expo was filled with potential customers. Thank you for taking our vendor feedback from last year and putting it into action. From Marketcircle
I enjoyed myself at the ChannelNext event and that the event was well run and very interesting. I look forward to participating in future events!
And thank you so much for all your help during this event, the Technoplanet team can be described in just one word- wonderful.
It was an overall pleasant experience, good job done by the staff, good venue and quite informative. I would definitely like to attend in the future.
"I thought the ChannelNEXT meeting was well run and a lot of fun. In 30 plus years of selling I have never been to a meeting that was so focused on networking and lead generation. I got 19 solid leads at the end of 2 days which I am following up!" from FrontRow
"We enjoyed the event a lot and we were also able to make some really good new contacts which was fantastic. I certainly look forward to the next event" from Kaseya
"I enjoyed it. I was impressed to see 100% turnout for the presentation. You have a very loyal and committed group!" from Cisco
Again it was a wonderful event. The activities were great but there was not too much either. This left us time to meet people and connect with them. The orientation meeting and particulary the speed dating was useful to break the ice and set further contact. Also the fact that there was a small number of participant gave us a better possibility of connecting with resellers. Finally the unique location you have chosen and the wonderful work of your team created a relaxed atmosphere that was pleasant and useful at the same time.
Channel Next is one of my favourite events of the year in the IT industry. Because we stay onsite and associate with vendors and other VARs, relationships are started. The vendors I meet at a ChannelNext event always are front and centre in my vision for future opportunities. A vendor that chooses to attend this event is a vendor that wants to take to time to listen to the VARs and find out what we need to sell their products. It is much more then a simple conference. The cross VAR opportunities are also very valuable, especially with VARs that are in non-competing cities can collaborate and join forces.
"What a wonderful event this year. I was unfortunately not able to attend last year’s western event at Whistler, but I really found the 2010 event to be much better than Banff 2008, due in large part to our new status as a Gold sponsor. Being able to present to every attendee was a real value-add." From Eaton
After arriving back home last night, it became clear to us that ChannelNext out of all the other conferences and seminars we attend annually has proven to be the most valuable for partnerships in both solidifying current and creating new ones. We are pleased to say we signed several agreements during our attendance and are now looking forward on capitalizing on those partnerships.
I thought the ChannelNEXT meeting was well run and a lot of fun. In 30 plus years of selling I have never been to a meeting that was so focused on networking and lead generation. I got 19 solid leads at the end of 2 days which I am following up!
"Thank you for taking such good care of us. We have a lot of following up to do and received a lot of great feedback. I look forward to your next event" from Netgear
Just wanted to thank you for the lovely and productive time at the ChannelNext event. We learned a great deal, made some excellent new supplier contacts and enjoyed ourselves immensely.
"The ChannelNEXT conference helped Bang transform its business from a white box provider into a Managed Services Provider. The conference introduced us to key partners that helped drive new revenues and develop our service offerings. Directly or indirectly partnerships developed at ChannelNEXT helped drive over 50% of our gross profits" From Bang
Thank you for putting together this conference. It was my first time and certainly not my last. I very much enjoyed the speakers, facilities and ultimately networking and relationship building.
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